Synergy Video + 6-4-3 Charts: A Winning Combination

Synergy Sports is the leader in video solutions for NCAA baseball and softball. 6-4-3 Charts is the leader in data visualization. Seems like a natural partnership, huh?

We thought so too!

Inside the 6-4-3 Interface (with the Synergy Add-On), you can now interact with Synergy clips the Web App’s All Sprays, Player vs. Player, and Win Probability modules.

We also automatically connect Synergy clips with all of your uploaded TrackMan SYNC data, and you can interact with Synergy data and video like never.

Synergy With 6-4-3 Charts Data

Watch your 6-4-3 Web Application come alive with Synergy videos!

With the 643 Synergy Add-On, users can now interact with their data inside the Web App by watching videos on any pitch/at-bat in the All-Sprays, Player vs. Player, and Win Probability Modules.

Synergy + Trackman + 6-4-3 Charts

You’re going to be able to do some really cool stuff when you combine the best video platform, with the best ball tracking platform, with the best data visualization platform.

With the Trackman and Synergy Add-Ons, users can visualize all their ball tracking data (from Trackman) AND watch the video (from Synergy) that corresponds with that data, all in one place (6-4-3 Charts). 

[Learn more about your data visualization capabilities with our Trackman Data Visualization tools.]

COMING SOON: The Synergy Tile

A Synergy-specific tile is coming soon to the 6-4-3 Charts interface. You’ll be able to watch all your Synergy video inside of 6-4-3 Charts and have them pair with 6-4-3 Charts data. 

Interested in getting the 643 Synergy Add-On for your program?Reach out to us!