Staying Ahead Of The Game With Spray Charts

Two outs, bases loaded, bottom of the ninth. A line drive is scorched to the gap in left-center. The centerfielder, who “happens” to be shaded slightly to left only has to take a few steps to catch it. Everyone watching chalks it up as a lucky play… but we know different.

We know that play originated two days prior when an assistant coach was looking at the opposing team’s spray chart and noticed that with runners in scoring position, that particular batter hit 42% of the balls to left field, 36% to left-center, and only 10% to center. The result of this preparation? The centerfielder shifted slightly, and a game-ending out was made.

Spray Charts For Situational Insight

A baseball or softball team’s season is the cumulation of thousands and thousands of different situations. Being able to sort out those situations in a visual manner (i.e. a spray chart) will help you better understand your opponents and their tendencies.

6-4-3’s spray charts give you a unique look at these specific situations so you can better understand your opponent, batter by batter, pitch by pitch.

Take Action On The Field

Infield Positioning

Correct infield positioning can create outs and win you games. With 6-4-3 spray charts, you can create a positioning plan for your infield that can not only be tailored to the batter at the plate but also on the count and who is pitching! 

Outfield Positioning

Proper outfield positioning can be the difference between a ball falling in the gap or being easily caught. Our seven-section outfield spray chart lets you see a hitter’s tendencies when they put the ball in play deep. And with our custom spray chart option, you’ll be able to see where a hitter is putting their line drives vs fly balls.

Bunt Defense

The standard 6-4-3 spray chart report includes a short game report that details a batter’s (or a team’s) tendencies when bunting. As a coach, you’ll quickly see where a particular batter tends to lay down bunts, so when you get into those situations come game time, you’ll be able to position your infield appropriately.


Your opponents have your team’s spray charts and know your hitters’ tendencies. Great coaches will take the time to self-scout their own hitters’ tendencies and help them adjust their approach. The only thing better than getting an out from a shift on defense is beating a shift with a well-placed oppo hit on offense!

Custom Charts For Your Coaching Staff

You and your coaching staff have a particular standard for every single aspect of your program; why not your spray charts as well? With a 6-4-3 Charts Plus Package, your staff can customize your spray chart template any way you’d like!

Maybe your staff is only interested in a hitter’s last 8 games? Or maybe you want to learn more about where a team is bunting? Or maybe you’re playing in a regional, and you only care about how a team’s hitters do at home? All these possibilities (and more) can be sorted out with our custom spray chart feature!

More than anything, our custom chart module allows each of your coaches the ability to see the spray data personalized to their preferences.

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