Custom Rostering: Dominate The Portal!

Custom Rostering - MacBook

What is Custom Rostering?

Custom Rostering is a new feature in 6-4-3 Charts (available with our PLUS & Premium packages) that allows coaches to create “rosters” comprised of any player in the country (NCAA & NAIA). From those custom rosters, coaches can view advanced 6-4-3 Charts’ stats/metrics on the selected players, as well as their associated Synergy & TrackMan video/data (as available).

How Can Coaches Use Custom Rostering in 6-4-3 Charts?

This is where it gets really exciting, because when we say the possibilities for Custom Rostering are endless, we truly mean ENDLESS! We outline some of the ways you could use it below, including **cough, cough** Transfer Portal player evaluations.

So make sure to take the time to check it out as you close out your season.  And as always, let us know if you have any questions!

We don’t have access to the players in the portal. You do.

You don’t have access to those players’ advanced stats, metrics, and video. 6-4-3 Charts does. 🤔

Create custom rosters with players you find in the portal and see how they’d fit on your team.

Switch players in & out on your custom rosters based on your needs & availability.

Want to see how your outfielders stack up against the best in the game?

Put your outfielders on a custom roster with the outfielders on your all-conference team (or the All-America team)!

Check out the interactive stats, player comparisons, and videos for all of your players vs others around the country.

Do you have a hunch about why your right-handed relievers struggled this year?

Find out your team’s weaknesses by adding position groups to custom rosters and take a deep dive on the advanced stats/metrics to see where they struggled.

Pro Tip: Custom rosters are also a great way to see why certain players did well compared to their peers!

Reach Out To Get 6-4-3 Charts' Custom Rostering For Your Program!