Custom Reporting


You and your coaching staff have a particular standard for every aspect of your program; why not your reporting? Did you know with a 6-4-3 Charts’ PLUS, Synergy PLUS, TrackMan PLUS, and Premium Packages, your staff can customize reporting templates any way you’d like!

That’s right! This tool allows you to create custom, exportable reports in the 6-4-3 Charts interface that pulls data & visuals from play-by-play data, pitch tracking, Synergy, and TrackMan…all into ONE report.

More than anything, the custom reporting tool allows each of your coaches the ability to see the exact reporting data that matter to them and their players.

Unlock The Full Potential Of Your Reports

Available with 6-4-3 Charts’ PLUS and Premium Packages lies the innovative & intuitive Custom Reporting tool. This feature equips your coaching staff with the ability to go beyond standard reporting methods, allowing for the creation of personalized, dynamic reports that are tailored to the specific needs of your program. Envision a scenario where your reports are not just informative, but also perfectly in tune with your coaching style and game plans.

With Custom Reporting, you gain the flexibility to craft templates that highlight the exact metrics and data points essential to your team’s success. Whether it’s in-depth play-by-play analysis, detailed pitch tracking, comprehensive Synergy data, or insightful TrackMan visuals, this tool gives YOU the ability to bring them all together into one unified, comprehensive report. This level of customization ensures that every data point presented is relevant, actionable, and aligned with your team’s goals.

Streamlined Data Integration for Comprehensive Insights

The Custom Reporting tool is not just about aesthetics and customization; it’s a powerhouse of data integration. By seamlessly combining data from various sources like play-by-play actions, pitch tracking, Synergy, and TrackMan, this tool offers a comprehensive view of your team’s performance. This integration means you no longer have to juggle between different platforms or reports to get a complete picture.

For instance, you can create a pitching template that includes a 6-4-3 Charts performance split type table, a zonal spray chart, Synergy’s performance by pitch type table, and TrackMan’s pitch description and movement profiles. Add to this the ability to apply specific filters like ‘versus left-hand hitters’ or ‘whiffs on fastballs,’ and you have a report that not only tells you what happened but also offers deep insights into how and why it happened.

Empower Every Coach with Tailored Reporting

One of the most significant advantages of the Custom Reporting tool is its ability to cater to the unique needs of each coach on your staff. Every coach has their focus areas and priorities, and this tool acknowledges those. With the ability to create an unlimited number of templates, each coach can have reports that are specifically designed for their area of expertise, be it player development, scouting, or even recruiting.

This level of personalization means that your pitching coach can have a template that focuses on pitch sequencing and movement profiles, while your hitting coach might prefer a report that emphasizes on batted ball profiles and zone-based performance. This not only makes the data more relevant for each coach but also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your coaching strategies.

In conclusion, the Custom Reporting tool from 6-4-3 Charts is more than just a reporting feature; it’s a game-changer in data analysis and presentation. By offering unparalleled customization, comprehensive data integration, and personalized reports for each coach, it ensures that your team is always equipped with the insights needed to make better informed decisions come game time!

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