What Pitch Tracking Should Look Like in 2023

How do you know if your program should use be using the 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking app? 

Your program has tried the pitching tracking applications you can get for a tablet device. They’re relatively easy to use, and you get your basic stats. But, in the end, you get what you pay for – you don’t get much in the way of data visualization (advanced stats, spray charts, etc.), and the end result isn’t worth all effort. 


You’ve looked into advanced ball tracking technology like TrackMan and Flightscope for games or Rapsodo for bullpens. You know the benefits of having that type of data for your players, but your program just can’t afford it right now.

That’s where the 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking application comes in. 

[The Pitch Tracking App is available as part of our PLUS package.]


What matters most for a pitching tracking app is a balance between ease of use and a robust array of input options. If the app is easy to use but lacks the advanced input options, your data doesn’t tell enough of a story about the game. If the app has a bunch of options, but it isn’t easy to use, the input process takes too much time, you miss a lot of pitches, and your data suffers. 

The 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking app gives you the best of both worlds. 

Once starting a session/game, you are presented with everything you need in a dual view. No moving between tabs. No excess buttons or clicks. The 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking app makes pitch tracking easy. 

As we learned above, ease of use isn’t enough. The 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking app has all the input options you need to get way more out of your pitch tracking data than you ever thought possible.

Put everything together, and the 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking app gives your program the easiest and most complete pitch tracking app in the industry.

  • Pitch Location
    • Catcher & Pitcher View Options
  • Pitch Type
  • Pitch Velocity
  • Ball In Play Type
  • Ball In Play Location
    • With 9x7 Field Grid
  • Fielded By
  • At Bat Result
  • Baserunning Tracking
  • Additional Options
    • Bunt, Sacrifice, Hard Hit, Ground Rule

New Update: Fall 2023

Continuing to derive features from our Synergy and TrackMan integrations modules, see the new data visualization updates we made to the 6-4-3 Charts’ Pitch Tracking App this fall!

Summarize & Visualize

After you input the pitch tracking for an entire game, you can head over to the Game Summary module. Here you can start to see the amount of data and statistics you are presented with in our Pitch Tracking app. On a basic level, you get the pitchers’ stats, batters faced, pitch location summary, and spray summary. In the Pitch Summary table, you can see some more advanced stats by pitch type, including usage, strike, swing, and swing/miss percentage, as well as average velocity. All extremely important and useful information

When you start clicking around and moving your cursor over the data, though, you’ll start to see what sets 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracker apart!

First, you can toggle between the summary data of a singular pitcher from the game, all the pitchers used in the game, or a group of pitchers (maybe you want to see how all your RPs performed).

Next, you can start to move your mouse around the different pitches, pitch locations, and the BIP results to get an isolated view of those specific metrics. Now you’ll be able to see the location and result of specific pitches that were tracked throughout the game.

Finally, you can toggle over to the Pitch Highlighter, Pitch Sequencing, and Team Stats modules to get a more complete look at an individual player

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