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Stay ahead of the curve with the latest packages from 6-4-3 Charts, the No. 1 resource for your scouting and player development needs. All of our offerings include year-by-year and career reporting options, along with semiweekly data updates throughout the season (D1 is updated daily). You can also stay on top of the transfer portal with our Player ID system, which provides complete career data.
Want even more of an edge? Get the most out of your data with our Synergy Plus and TrackMan Plus packages, as well as our Premium package – which features all the industry-leading tools proven to help you win more games.

6-4-3 Charts Packages



  • Interactive Stats
  • Custom Reporting
  • Custom Rostering
  • Pitch Tracking App
  • Synergy Integration
  • TrackMan Integration


Take your program’s data visualization, scouting, video analyzation, and player development to an unprecedented level with the 6-4-3 Charts Premium package.

With the Premium package, you get all the industry-leading tools available in the PLUS package + Synergy Integration + TrackMan Integration.

This package is for programs that are serious about having a pro-level data and video suite that will help you win more games.

Additional Information

All package options include both year by year & career reporting options
Our Player ID system allows us to track players across schools (transfers) for accurate career data.
All packages include data updates twice weekly during the season. (D1 BSB & SB updated daily)

Package Details

CHARTS* is our most basic package that includes our on-demand [Traditional] Spray Chart Reports, Stat Books, and Pocket Cards.

The CHARTS package is perfect for programs with a limited budget but still want to make the most out of advanced analytics and reporting in their scouting reports.

*The CHARTS package was previously split between the HITTERS & COMPLETE packages. The current CHARTS package is equivalent to the COMPLETE package from previous years.

Spray Chart Reports

The 6-4-3 Charts’ Spray Chart Report generating process is entirely on-demand and customizable. Coaches can choose from the following:

  • Template type (use one of ours or create your own*)
  • Stat year (year-by-year or career)
  • Spray chart design (9×7 or 5×5)
  • Hitters and/or pitchers to include
  • Tables to include
  • All sprays to include.

Once the “generate report” button is selected, your completely customized scouting report is generated in a PDF with the latest data that has been collected on the hitter(s).

*Custom Report Templates are only available with the PLUS package’s Custom Reporting feature.

Spray Chart Report 2023

Stat Books

Our Stat Books are exportable Excel workbooks with all of the hitter and pitcher statistics you’d ever need.

Hitter Stats Included (but not limited to):

  • Standard Stats (BA, OBP, HR, SB, etc.)
  • Swing Analytics (P/PA, 1P SW, S/M %, etc.)
  • Sabermetrics (BABIP, wOBA, ISO, RC, etc.)
  • Short Game (Bunt Direction, SQ, PUSH, etc.)
  • Baserunning (1st-2nd, 2nd-3rd, Speed Rating, etc.)

Pitcher Stats Included (but not limited to):

  • Standard Counting Stats (IP, BF, Hits, K, BB etc.)
  • Standard Calculated Stats (BAA, OPS, SLG, WHIP etc.)
  • Sabermetrics (BABIP, wOBA, ISO, etc.)
  • Advanced Sabermetrics (FIP, xFIP,SIERA,DER, etc.)
  • Advanced Induced Percentages (GB, FB, LD, IFFB, PU, etc.)
  • Advanced Outcome Percentages (1-1 W, LOO, LOB SOr, BBr, etc.)
  • Pitching By Count (BAA, OBP, SLG, BABIP)

These stat books allow coaches to dive into the data like never before. Sort and filter by more than twelve split types, create your own custom charts for better data visualizations, or export tabular statistics directly into your own scouting reports.

And, of course, you can manipulate our data with all of the capabilities of Excel for your hitters and all of your opponents!

Pocket Cards

We make your pocket card creation easier than ever with a simple Excel export feature for your upcoming opponent. Then, you can easily fill in any of the information you need to communicate to your players.


Interactive Stats (Formally known as the Web App)

With the 6-4-3 Charts Interactive Stats, coaches can dynamically sort and visualize their data like never before. Some of the more popular functions of the Interactive Stats module allow you to:

    • Sort and Filter Stat Tables
    • Interact with Career Player vs. Player Matchup Data
    • View All Situational Spray Charts
    • Visualization Data with Bunt Matrix, Moving Average Graphs, and more
    • View Player and Team Comparison Info
    • Investigate Win Probability Trends
    • Learn About Different Park Factors

Interactive Stats offers a unique opportunity for coaches to interact with millions of data points to learn more about their team and opponents.

Custom Reporting (Formally known as Custom Spray Charts)

Design custom templates for your [traditional] Spray Chart Reports and tabular statistics with our Custom Reporting module. Every coach on staff can design their own custom template based on coaching roles and responsibilities. With this feature, you gain an unprecedented level of autonomy with our all our reporting modules!

Pitch Tracking Application

Track every pitch your pitchers throw and your hitters see throughout the year with our Pitch Tracking App. With bullpen, intrasquad, and live game settings, all of your pitch level data lives within this application. The Pitch Tracking Application is simple to use, while the analysis suite offers dynamic and powerful visualizations, including in-session analysis, holistic pitch highlighter analysis, pitch sequencing, and so much more!

And now, with the Synergy Integration (available with the Synergy PLUS package), mapped 6-4-3 Charts and Synergy data bring the various Interactive Stats’ features to life with Synergy video.


643 Synergy

The two most powerful systems in NCAA Baseball and Softball have teamed up to provide coaches and players with an unprecedented platform…are you ready to get everything out of your data and video?!

Inside the 643 Synergy tile’s interface (with the Synergy Plus package), you can now interact with Synergy clips and corresponding data in ways you’ve never have before.


TrackMan SYNC

Upload in-stadium ball tracking data to access our industry-leading TrackMan visualization and reporting application.

The TrackMan PLUS package drastically improves how your program can visualize, interact with, and gain insight from your TrackMan data. This is a one-of-a-kind tool that sits within the current 6-4-3 Charts’ interface and offers you an unprecedented level of interaction with TrackMan ball-tracking data.


Plain and simple, the Premium package gets you EVERYTHING!



If you are interested in purchasing a package or have any questions please contact us and we will be in touch with next steps.