Synergy Video + 6-4-3 Charts

What You Need To Know By Mid-Season

Synergy Sports is the leader in video solutions for NCAA baseball and softball. 6-4-3 Charts is the leader in data visualization. Seems like a natural partnership, huh? We thought so too!

With the 643 Synergy add-on and 6-4-3 Charts, you can take your video, scouting, and reporting to a whole new level.

We also automatically connect Synergy clips with all of your uploaded TrackMan SYNC data, so you can interact with TrackMan data and Synergy video together like never before.

Check out the page below to learn everything that’s possible with 643 Synergy!

Synergy integration is part of the 643 Synergy Add-On, available with the Plus Package.

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The 643 Synergy Tile

A dedicated Synergy tile is now available in the 6-4-3 Charts main interface for all 643 Synergy clients. The Synergy tile allows you to watch all your videos efficiently (with supported data and metrics) without leaving the 6-4-3 platform.

(Interested in 643 Synergy for your program? It’s not too late! Get a 48-Hour In-Season Trial to test it out.)

Playlist Manager

Playlist Manager

The 643 Synergy Playlist Manager is where you can organize all of your videos into different categories. You can easily populate your playlists while watching videos in the different Synergy modules (or in the Web App).  Once you have your playlists, you can sync them to your team’s Player Portal, so all your athletes have access to the playlists of Synergy videos they need to watch!

Pitch Highlighter

The Pitch Highlighter feature is a great place to start when first interacting with our Synergy tab tools. The three interactive displays focus on the pitcher’s release point, the ball in play (and result) of those pitches, and the frequency of quality contact by the hitter.

All of these displays can be filtered and interacted with to get a better understanding of what pitches are working for a pitcher and what pitches are getting barrelled.

And, of course, you can watch all the video associated with selected multiple or individual data points!

Don’t forget about the cold, hard stats! Learn more about different pitch types by looking at the Pitch Description table. Here you’ll find data on everything from Spin Rate to Induced Vertical Break.

The middle table shows the Batted Ball Profile, which breaks down the data on balls in play by pitch type. The bottom table details how disciplined hitters are against different pitch types. It’s particularly interesting to look at the different Whiff and Put-Away Percentages to see if the pitcher gets their outs via the heat or the breaking ball!

Zone Illustrator

The Zone Illustration module is a powerful tool for evaluating a hitter’s strengths and weaknesses around the zone. A quick scroll through the zones and you’ll get a clear picture of where in the zone a hitter tends to swing, make contact, miss, get on base, and make elevated contact. And in the Synergy tile, you are just a click away from watching all the videos associated with a particular zone illustration or a zone within a zone!

Overall, Zone Illustrator is useful to help develop a quick plan for your pitchers on how to attack your opponent’s lineup.

Game Replay

Do you want to keep it simple and just watch a full game? Or maybe you want to see a certain batter vs a certain pitcher? You can do all that (and more) in the Game Replay module!

Pitch Sequencing

What type of pitch is the opposing pitcher going to throw in a 1-2 count against your left-handed hitters? 

The Pitch Sequencing module allows you to answer these questions by taking a deep dive into the tendencies of any pitcher by count, result, and pitch type. Then, with the LHH vs RHH filtering option, you can create a game plan for all the hitters in your lineup, no matter what pitcher you are facing that day.

And now, in the Pitch Sequencer module, you can get even more information about a pitcher’s pitch sequencing by looking at the Sequencing Metrics & Sequencing Performance (on 2nd Pitch) charts.

The Sequencer Metrics chart allows you to quickly look at what pitches are being thrown in certain situations. While the Sequencing Performance (on 2nd Pitch) chart shows you the performance of a pitcher in all their respective two-pitch sequences (e.g. Fastball/Fastball, Slider/Fastball, Changeup/Curveball, etc).

Heat Maps

Our Heat Maps module is an indispensable tool for scouting opponents’ pitchers & hitters (and your pitchers & hitters). With a couple of filter options in place, you’ll be able to quickly identify where a pitcher can execute their pitches and where hitters do damage on them. 

Pair your insights gained from the Heat Maps with those from the Zone Illustration module, and you’ll have an extremely detailed zone report on a pitcher (or hitter!)

Catcher Framing

Take your catcher evaluations to a new level with the Catcher Framing module in the Synergy tab. Quickly visualize where your team’s (or opponent’s) catchers are stealing strikes AND where they are losing close strike/ball calls around the zone.

And now, with our new Framing+ metric*, you can gain insight into where and when catchers are getting calls while taking the count into consideration.

*Framing+ measures the relationship between a catcher’s Framing Runs and the League Average Framing Runs for that zone given the number of pitches caught. The League average is normalized to 100, so a Framing+ of 108 means the catcher’s framing has prevented 8% more runs than the league average catcher. Strike rate is context-neutral, but Framing+ takes the count into account. A 3-2 pitch is of higher leverage than an 0-0, or 3-0 pitch, so the result of the 3-2 pitch will have a greater impact on the catcher’s Runs Saved and thus, Framing+.



With 6-4-3 Charts and Synergy, video is more than video. There’s data behind it all! With the Synergy Reporting tab, coaches can visualize the data they are watching in their Synergy Video. Use one of our 10 custom templates (5 for hitters & 5 for pitchers) to see everything from pitch sequencing to heat maps.

Customers with the 643 Synergy add-on can contact our team to create custom Synergy Report templates. (User-enabled custom report design coming soon!)


Filters are available in all sections of the 643 Synergy tab. The filters are designed to help you narrow down the data so you can see exactly what you want to see. Basically, if there’s a scenario in a game, you can filter down the data to it.

Plus, you can save your filters for easy access the next time around! 

The Game Information filter allows you to narrow down the type of game (home/away, date range, and live/intrasquad). Then you can focus on the data by the general segments of the game, including inning and number of outs.

The Outcome and Pitch Information filters are where you can start getting extremely granular with your filtering. Filter by the outcome, zone, BIP type, pitch type, and count to see how your selected player performs in specific situations.

The Pitch Specifics filters let you dive even deeper into the ball tracking data by letting you select the range of pitch velocity, spin rate, exit velocity, and launch angle. With this information, you can easily see where in the zone a pitcher is throwing their heat and where in the zone they are giving up big hits!

Synergy in the 6-4-3 Charts Web App

Watch your 6-4-3 Web Application come alive with Synergy videos!

With the 643 Synergy Add-On, users can now interact with their data inside the Web App by watching videos on any pitch/at-bat in the All-Sprays & Player vs. Player modules – with more functionality coming soon.

(Interested in 643 Synergy for your program? It’s not too late! Get a 48-Hour In-Season Trial to test it out.)

Data Visualization with Synergy

Data Visualization module in the Web App is a great way to quickly view important team (or individual player) situational metrics. Now in the Data Visualization (with the Synergy Add-On), you can view the corresponding video in the Bunt Matrix and Power Matrix.

Player vs. Player Match-Ups with Synergy

In the Player vs. Player module in the Web App, you are able to view match-up data between your players and opponents. Now, with Synergy video integration, you can watch those match-ups, including video of the full at-bat. This integration gives you and your team unprecedented ability to prepare for opponents at the collegiate level.

All-Sprays with Synergy

Our Synergy video integration allows you to interact with your 6-4-3 Spray Charts like never before. Just hover & click any area of a Spray Chart in the Web App’s All Sprays module, and you’ll get access to all available Synergy video mapped to that area of the chart. Easily see what kind of pitches opponent hitters are blasting to certain parts of the park, and visa versa!

Synergy + TrackMan + 6-4-3 Charts

You’re going to be able to do some really cool stuff when you combine the best video platform, with the best ball tracking platform, with the best data visualization platform.

With the TrackMan SYNC and Synergy Add-Ons, users can visualize all their ball tracking data (from TrackMan) AND watch the video (from Synergy) that corresponds with that data, all in one place (6-4-3 Charts). 

[Learn more about your data visualization capabilities with our TrackMan Data Visualization tools.]


(Interested in 643 Synergy for your program? It’s not too late! Get a 48-Hour In-Season Trial to test it out.)


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