6-4-3 Charts Features/Modules

Learn more about 6-4-3 Charts’ scouting report capabilities, including Spray Chart Reports, Stat Books, and Pocket Cards. Prepare better with 6-4-3 Charts!

[Available with all packages]

Reports & Stat Books

Take your data visualization to the next level with 6-4-3 Charts’ Interactive Stats. Get advanced insight & visualizations on matchups, situations, player vs. player, win probability, park factors, and more!

[Available with the PLUS package]

Interactive Stats

Take your pitch tracking into the 21st Century with the 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking App. With an easy-to-use interface and robust data visualization, we’ve made the perfect pitch tracking app for your program.

[Available with the PLUS package]

Pitch Tracking App

Custom Rostering gives coaches unbridled access to create custom rosters of any players in college baseball (including those in the portal). Once you have your custom roster(s) in place, you can use/see the roster in all the modules across the 6-4-3 Charts interface. Compare, contrast, and evaluate any group of players with Custom Rostering!

[Available with the PLUS package]

Custom Rostering

You and your coaching staff have a particular standard for every single aspect of your program; why not your spray chart reports as well? Our Custom Reporting allows each of your coaches the ability to create their own report template to see the reporting data that’s important to them.

[Available with the PLUS package]

Custom Reporting

If you use Synergy as a standalone solution, you are missing out! Pair it with 6-4-3 Charts to create 643 Synergy!

643 Synergy allows users to interact with Synergy video and corresponding Synergy & 6-4-3 data, all inside 6-4-3 Charts.

[Available with the Synergy Plus or Premium packages]

643 Synergy

TrackMan Sync drastically improves how your program can visualize, interact with, and gain insight from your TrackMan data. This is a one-of-a-kind tool that sits within the current 6-4-3 Charts interface and offers you an unprecedented level of interaction.

[Available with the TrackMan Plus or Premium packages]

TrackMan Sync

Learn more about the available third-party add-ons to 6-4-3 Charts!