OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON (June 24, 2022) – 6-4-3 Charts (www.643charts.com), a leading baseball and softball data and video solutions technology platform, is pleased today to announce a partnership with Synergy Sports, a division of Sportradar (www.synergysports.com), the leading cloud-based video and analytics platform used by MLB, College, and International baseball. This new partnership will give NCAA baseball and softball programs access to an MLB-caliber platform leveraging data from multiple sources for seamless reporting and visualization.

6-4-3 Charts currently serves over 550 NCAA baseball and softball programs with scouting and player development data and video solutions, supporting programs in all facets of their video and analytical workflows. 6-4-3 specializes in custom, on-demand reporting, and visualization tools, making complex data sets actionable for coaches and players. The Synergy platform is utilized by 96% of D1 Baseball programs, nearly 100 D1 Softball programs, and all 30 MLB organizations. Synergy Sports has built its success on proprietary technology, using data to create visual statistics and analytics about players, teams, and games, all tied to video from up to 6 unique angles per at-bat.

This partnership will connect 6-4-3 Chart’s historical play-by-play data with Synergy’s tagged video data. 6-4-3 will leverage Synergy data and video clips to bring many existing features to life within the 6-4-3 Interface. 6-4-3 will also build new reporting and visualization applications leveraging Synergy data and video and additional ball tracking data capabilities. Synergy will leverage 643 data to expedite tagging processes and add layers of quality assurance for Synergy loggers. 

“We are ecstatic to announce our partnership with Synergy Sports,” said Derek Weldon, 6-4-3 Charts CEO and Co-Founder. “Our mission is to deliver the most comprehensive suite of tools and applications for coaches to seamlessly interact with, report on, and visualize data for player development and opponent scouting purposes. Clearly, this partnership with a titan in the industry supports the pursuit of our mission. This partnership allows us to bring data to life within the 643 Interface and build new, game-changing reporting and visualization features for our clients.”

“This is an awesome time to be deep-diving into college baseball and softball analytics,” said Matt Lawrence Senior Director of Baseball & Softball for Synergy Sports. “Synergy’s desire to develop products catered to the growth of the college scouting and player development landscape is matched by that of 6-4-3 Charts. This partnership is a big step forward, and will provide a truly unique, enhanced experience for the marketplace.”

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