Traditional Reports: Spray Charts, Stat Tables, and Stat Books


  • The Traditional Reports tool on the 6-4-3 Charts platform offers in-depth analysis for specific teams and rosters, with year-by-year or career stats.
  • There are two types of spray chart layouts available – a standard 9×7 spray chart and a modified 5×5 spray chart.
  • Users can customize the display of players, data points, and report elements on the reports as they desire.
  • Users can create on-demand detailed PDF reports based on parameters they set.
  • The report includes player-specific spray charts & tables, stat tables, and selected sprays, with a consolidated view of all players on one sheet.
  • The Stats Book feature offers Excel/CSV files of all data and stats for further analysis.

Interactive Stat Tables: Stats+


  • The Stats+ feature allows users to access comprehensive team stats, including hitting and pitching stats, year-by-year career stats, and various split types such as vs. RHP/LHP, number of outs, and base state.
  • The feature also presents a robust set of swing analytics, sabermetrics, ball profile information, and base running information. Users can also select a date range.
  • Users can export the table to a PDF or CSV file, or copy and paste it into their own spreadsheet.

Player Vs. Player and Table Functions


  • The Player vs Player feature allows users to visualize (and export) reports on historical matchups between their team’s hitters and the opposing team’s pitchers and vice versa. 
  • The platform’s TrackMan SYNC feature offers numerous on-demand reports that users can generate for detailed analysis. 
  • The TrackMan SYNC interface displays fully interactive tables, enabling users to sort data as per their requirements.
  • Users can also export sorted data to a PDF or CSV file or copy and paste it elsewhere. 

Hitter Reports, Catcher Framing & Team Stats


  • The Game Replay feature allows users to select a player and view detailed information about every pitch they saw, their swing decisions, and other key stats. The data can then be exported to a post-game hitting report.
  • The Catcher Framing reporting feature includes a one-page report that can be run for a specific date, last game, past month, entire season, or player’s career. This report includes K rates, Shadow Zones, Framing Plus, and other comprehensive stats, accompanied by visuals.
  • The Team Stats feature allows users to select a team and view the team’s play discipline. This data can be exported as a PDF or CSV file, with the option to view all players on one page or focus on specific areas.

More On-Demand Reporting In TrackMan Sync


  • Within TrackMan SYNC, users can generate reports quickly using built-in templates, such as splits templates and post-game reports.
  • Users can customize reports by selecting specific data from the interface and exporting these reports as PDF or CSV files.
  • TrackMan SYNC also includes a dedicated reporting tab for additional on-demand reporting, where users can select templates like weekly recaps, in-game stats, and season summaries and generate heat maps, sprays, and tabular data reports.

Custom Reporting - All Your Data, On-Demand, In One Report

With our Custom Reporting tool, users can bring any data source from our interface (Synergy, TrackMan, Pitch Tracking, etc.) into a single, one-page report. It only takes a few clicks and users can have the “full-picture” reports they’ve always dreamed of! Here more about Custom Reporting from our CTO Rick Ahlf 👇