Setting Up Custom Reports To Prepare For Opposing Hitters


  • The Custom Reports tool in the 6-4-3 Charts platform allows users to create detailed reports with various layouts and from various data sources, including 6-4-3 Charts play-by-play, Synergy, and Pitch Tracking.
  • Zonal and raw spray charts, weighted heatmaps, stat tables, and much more can be added to the report
  • After setting up their report sections, users can apply filters for handedness, certain counts, pitch type, or pitch group for more tailored analysis.
  • A notes section can be added to jot down observations during the detailed analysis of each hitter.
  • The report can be exported to PDF for use in-game

Stats+: Way Better Than Copying & Pasting From A School's Website


  • The Stats+ feature allows users to access comprehensive team stats, including hitting and pitching stats, year-by-year career stats, and various split types such as vs. RHP/LHP, number of outs, and base state.
  • The feature also presents a robust set of swing analytics, sabermetrics, ball profile information, and base running information. Users can also select a date range.
  • Users can export the table to a PDF or CSV file, or copy and paste it into their own spreadsheet.

Using 643 Synergy and Player Percentile Rankings


  • The 643 Synergy tile provides detailed player analysis tools with associated Synergy video. 
  • Player Percentile Rankings tables offer a snapshot of a player’s performance compared to their peers. This can highlight strengths, such as high slugging percentiles, and weaknesses, like a below-average strikeout rate. 
  • The 643 Synergy tools allow users to filter data by pitch type, providing insights into how a player performs against specific pitches, such as drop balls, rise balls, fastballs, etc.
  • Additionally, the data can be filtered to show specific scenarios, such as how a player performs against right-handed pitchers. 

Heatmaps To Identify Swing Tendencies


  • The Heatmaps tool in the 643 Synergy tile can be used to analyze the distribution of pitch types, providing insights into a hitter’s weaknesses.
  • Users can easily filter to identify specific scenarios, like swinging strikes on curveballs, to assess whether they result in misses or weak contact.
  • Corresponding Synergy video playback allows users to better understand a hitter’s reaction and swing pattern against different pitches.

Hot and Heavy: Weighted Heatmaps For Scouting Hitters


  • Weighted Heatmaps provide a simple (but detailed) visualization of a hitter’s strengths and weaknesses, aiding in pitch-calling strategy.
  • The new Weighted Matchup tool can overlay data from specific pitcher-hitter matchups for a more detailed analysis.
  • Easily viewing first-pitch swing tendencies can provide insight into count leverage strategies. Sequencing analysis can reveal effective combinations of pitches against a specific hitter.

Custom Reporting - All Your Data, On-Demand, In One Report

With our Custom Reporting tool, users can bring any data source from our interface (Synergy, TrackMan, Pitch Tracking, etc.) into a single, one-page report. It only takes a few clicks and users can have the “full-picture” reports they’ve always dreamed of! Here more about Custom Reporting from our CTO Rick Ahlf 👇