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BREAKING: NAIA programs can trial 6-4-3 Charts for FREE for the remainder of the 2023 season! Coaches will get access to all of 6-4-3’s PLUS Package features, including: Spray Chart Reports, our Web Application, the Pitch Tracking App, and Stat Books.

Learn more about 6-4-3 Charts below, and then reach out to our team to get your FREE TRIAL account set up for the rest of the 2023 season!

As a coach, you have to make decisions…a lot of decisions. Those decisions can be series-by-series, game-by-game, inning-by-inning, or even pitch-by-pitch. And those decisions can be the difference between winning or losing.

All those decisions you make are the by-product of all the information you have available. Some of this information came from basic stat sheets, some came from talking to your players, and some even came from listening to your “gut.”

6-4-3 Charts isn’t here to replace any of those sources; we’re here to help you validate them. We’re here to give you the best information available so that you can make better decisions. We do this by providing you and your staff with easy-to-read reportsspray charts, and comprehensive stat books.

Within those resources, you have all the information you need to make informed decisions that help your team win games!

Spray Charts & Reports

Your days of copying and pasting stats from your opponent’s website are done

Spray Charts and Reports from 6-4-3 Charts provide your program with customizable, comprehensive, and insightful opponent (or self) scouting reports with one click.

Coaches can choose the template design (yours or ours), stat year (only 2023 data available), and spray chart design (9×7 or 5×5). Then, choose the players, tables, and spray charts you want to include and click “Generate Report.” 

With a few clicks, a complete scouting report in a PDF format with the latest data has been collected.

Web Application

The 6-4-3 Charts Web App lets coaches see all “hidden” data that helps your program make informed, impactful decisions come game time.

Dynamically sort data and visualizations by split type, interact with career player vs. player matchup data, view player and team comparison information, and investigate win probability trends. Our Web App offers a unique opportunity for coaches to interact with millions of data points to learn more about their team and opponents.

The Interactive Stats module is the ultimate look at all the traditional and advanced statistics that matter for a team. Sort by Hitting or Pitching and get an immediate look at that team’s player-by-player breakdown of:

  • Standard Stats
  • Swing/Pitch Analytics
  • Sabermetics
  • Role (Pitching)
  • Short Game
  • Baserunning

Then sort these sections by a certain situation, including Vs L/R, With 2 Strikes, Last 3 PA, With RISP, and much more. Finally, look over to the bar graph where you can see how a particular player’s stats stack up when compared to their team, conference, and across NAIA.

Interactive Stats - Web App - 2023

The All Sprays module builds off the spray charts in the Hitting Reports section of the 6-4-3 Charts User Interface. In this module, you’ll get a comprehensive look at a team’s cumulative spray charts throughout a particular season or a player’s spray charts throughout a particular season or his/her entire career.

Looking at previous seasons or an entire career is especially helpful for early-season opponent scouting and off-season scouting reports.

The Data Visualization module is good for taking a quick look at important team (or individual player) metrics.

First, you can see the Average By Count. This graph shows the team’s (or individual player’s) batting average, OBP, Slugging Percentage, and BABIP by the count.

The Bunt Matrix is a tool used a lot by coaches who are in charge of defensive positioning and bunt defense. This visual shows the number of times a team (or player) has bunted by outs and how many players are on base. This information helps you prepare for situations where your opponent is most likely to bunt.

The Average Through Count graph is the same as the Average By Count but shows the stats “through” the count.

The Power Matrix shows a team’s (or individual player’s) power output count organized by the number of outs and players on base.

Finally, the Moving Average Performance graph shows how a team is performing at the plate over a set period of time. It’s a great way to visualize if an opponent is “hot” or “cold” coming into a series against your team.

The Player vs Player module is for you to clearly see how your team has matched up against an opponent throughout their career. Select any opposing player and quickly see the match-up stats between that player and your entire team.

The Player vs Player module can provide important insight for all of the coaches on staff. Pitching coaches can use this module to see how the opponent’s lineup has faired against their pitching staff in previous matchups and help dictate bullpen decisions accordingly. Hitting coaches can look at their team’s past stats vs opposing pitchers and help set the lineup accordingly. And finally, head coaches can take in all the information so they can make informed late-game substitutions accordingly.

The Stat Comparison module allows you to compare the stats between two players (pitcher vs. pitcher or hitter vs. hitter). In this module, you can look at different statistical groups and break those down further by split type.

This module comes in handy when you want to compare two players on your own team in order to make a lineup decision.

The Win Probability module can provide a ton of insight into the important moments in games you (or your opponent) won or lost. In this module, you can look at every game played during a season and see how the win probability swung on each play of the game. You can also see the most impactful plays from your entire season, which allow you to quickly identify players on your team (or an opponent’s team) that rise to the occasion or crumble under the pressure!

Learn more about our updated version (01.2023) of Win Probability HERE!

The Park Factor module is a useful tool for programs whose conference games take them to ballparks with unique sizes and locations. With this module, you can look ahead up to five days and see how environmental factors such as temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed will affect the flight of the ball. You can also see useful data on your opponent’s ballpark, including stadium elevation, stadium direction, stadium dimensions, and fair/foul territory area.

NOTE: Not available in 2023 NAIA Free Trial. 

The National/Conference Leaderboard is the ultimate place to view and compare stats across college baseball or softball. View both hitting and pitching stats for individuals or teams in the current season, as well as every season dating back to 2017. Plus, in addition to traditional stats, see who the national (and/or conference-specific) leaders are in categories such as: Contact %, Swing & Miss %, wOBA, BABIP, and much more!

Pitch Tracking

How do you know if your program should use be using the 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking app?

Your program has tried the pitching tracking applications you can get for a tablet device. They’re relatively easy to use, and you get your basic stats. But, in the end, you get what you pay for – you don’t get much in the way of data visualization (advanced stats, spray charts, etc.), and the end result isn’t worth all effort.


You’ve looked into advanced ball tracking technology like Trackman and Flightscope for games or Rapsodo for bullpens. You know the benefits of having that type of data for your players, but your program just can’t afford it.

That’s where the 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking application comes in.

What matters most for a pitching tracking app is a balance between ease of use and a robust array of input options. If the app is easy to use but lacks advanced input options, your data doesn’t tell enough of a story about the game. If the app has a bunch of options but it isn’t easy to use, the input process takes too much time, you miss a lot of pitches, and your data suffers.

The 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking app gives you the best of both worlds.

Once starting a session/game, you are presented with everything you need in a dual view. No moving between tabs. No excess buttons or clicks. The 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking app makes pitch tracking easy.

As we learned above, ease of use isn’t enough. The 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking app has all the input options you need to get way more out of your pitch-tracking data than you ever thought possible.

Put everything together, and the 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking app gives your program the easiest and most complete pitch-tracking app in the industry.

  • Pitch Location
    • Catcher & Pitcher View Options
  • Pitch Type
  • Pitch Velocity
  • Ball In Play Type
  • Ball In Play Location
    • With a 9x7 Field Grid
  • Fielded By
  • At Bat Result
  • Baserunning Tracking
  • Additional Options
    • Bunt, Sacrifice, Hard Hit, Ground Rule

After you input the pitch tracking for an entire game, you can head over to the Game Summary module. Here you can start to see the amount of data and statistics you are presented with in our Pitch Tracking app. On a basic level, you get the pitchers’ stats, batters faced, pitch location summary, and spray summary. In the Pitch Summary table, you can see some more advanced stats by pitch type, including usage, strike, swing, and swing/miss percentage, as well as average velocity. All extremely important and useful information

When you start clicking around and moving your cursor over the data, though, you’ll start to see what sets 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracker apart!

First, you can toggle between the summary data of a singular pitcher from the game, all the pitchers used in the game, or a group of pitchers (maybe you want to see how all your RPs performed).

Next, you can start to move your mouse around the different pitches, pitch locations, and the BIP results to get an isolated view of those specific metrics. Now you’ll be able to see the location and result of specific pitches that were tracked throughout the game.

Finally, you can toggle over to the Pitch Highlighter, Pitch Sequencing, and Team Stats modules to get a more complete look at an individual player

Stat Books

Our Stat Books allows coaches to export all the stats available on their team or an opponent into an Excel or CSV file. Sort and filter by more than ten split types, create your own custom charts and data visualizations, or export tabular statistics directly into your own scouting reports. (For this season’s FREE TRIAL, NAIA data is only available for the 2023 season.)

Example Stat Book (Hitting & Pitching)