Who is 6-4-3 Charts?

6-4-3 Charts is the best-in-class amateur data visualization and video platform for baseball and softball programs & organizations.

At 6-4-3 Charts, our mission is to provide coaches with a seamless experience to interact with, visualize, and report on data so they can enhance the scouting and player development process.

Besides our robust, user-friendly platform, we set ourselves apart from our competition by providing more comprehensive and more accurate data faster than anyone in the industry.

A Brief History of 6-4-3 Charts


Play-by-Play Data

Updated daily for D1 teams and twice per week for D2, D3, & NAIA teams. We have D1 data from 2017-2023+, D2 & D3 data from 2018-2023+, and NAIA data from 2022-2023+.

Data Optimization Process

6-4-3's data optimization process references all available resources of a given game against one another to ensure the most detailed data for each game.

Play-by-Play Data Collection

Play-by-play data is collected from team, conference, & NCAA/NAIA sites, resulting in multiple records for each game. Play-by-play narratives are parsed and stored in an intuitively keyed database.


The 6-4-3 Player ID System allows for efficient transfer tracking and accurate career metrics.

All players are assigned to batter/pitcher/baserunner unique player IDs.

Player ID mapping between 6-4-3 Charts, Synergy, TrackMan, Prep Baseball Report, and Nextiles.

Ability to track suspended games from secondary sources.

Ability to track suspended games from secondary sources.

Data is compared to corresponding Synergy and/or TrackMan data to supplement missing info, such as pitch types and more granular ball-in-play locations.

Trackman and Synergy Data Mapping

Connecting The Top NCAA Baseball/Softball Data Sources

  • Team/Player/Game/Event Mapping – All ID relationships are made available via 6-4-3 API, whether 1:1 or 1:n, depending on the relevant data system.
  • All records are accompanied by modification timestamps for seamless system synchronization.
  • Synergy partnership includes two-way data sharing for accuracy and additional quality assurance.
  • TrackMan data supplied via client-registered FTP

A Proven and Established Mapping Process

  • Data Mapped Daily
  • Game ID Mapping Between 3 Sources
    • 6-4-3 Charts
    • Synergy
    • Trackman
  • Pitch-Level Mapping Now Explicitly Warehoused
    • Synergy Event ID, TrackMan PitchUID, 6-4-3 Game+Play IDs
    • Users can return all pitch mappings by a given player, game, or more specific query
    • Last modified timestamps for consistent system synchronization
    • Efficient troubleshooting procedures to resolve data discrepancies – fully managed by 6-4-3 staff

Trackman & Synergy Data Mapping Example

6-4-3 Charts & Synergy Data Mapping Example


Relevant API Controllers

Efficient Filtering

  • Seasons
  • Divisions
  • Conferences
  • Teams
  • Games
  • Players
  • Data Mapping

Returned Aggregated & Granular Data

  • Statistics
  • Sprays
  • Data

Expert Data Implementation. Dedicated Customer Support.

  • Establish Custom, Private, & Anonymized API Endpoints
    • Efficient data workflow through optimized API calls
    • All endpoints include “last modified” timestamp fields for efficient retrieval
    • Fulfill any level of an organization’s desired data aggregation or granularity
    • Formatting to support your current or desired internal amateur data framework
    • Trial API tokens available upon request
  • Daily Database Updates for D1 Baseball
  • Daily Customer Support Available to Quickly Troubleshoot & Resolve Data Issues

Examples of Data Delivery For Current Partners

  • Delivered a customized version of the solution outlined in this deck.
  • Collaborated with staff to create an optimal solution for the organization’s desired framework.
  • Discussed final data delivery with all departments:
    • Amateur Scouting
    • Data Architecture
    • Baseball Systems
    • Analytics Staff

2022 Season

  • 6-4-3 Charts scheduled data powered D1Baseball.com’s live scoreboards.
  • 6-4-3 Charts staff managed data quality assurance and integrity throughout the season.

2023 Season

  • Worked with D1Baseball’s development team to conduct complete data migration from another provider.
  • 6-4-3 data now powers all player, team, schedule, scoreboard, and leaderboard pages.
  • Implemented the addition of split types and advanced analytics to D1Baseball subscribers for the first time.
  • Game information data that now powers D1Baseball is available in custom API endpoints for MLB.

  • On-site data, analysis, and media support for the MLB Draft and Combine.
    • In conjunction with MLB Network and ESPN broadcasts for the Draft.
  • Social media coverage and cross-promotion with the league for both the Draft and Combine.
  • Pre-draft and post coverage including:
    • Top Prospects
    • Player Cards
    • Player Comparisons
    • Draft Class Stats

  • Data and analytics partner for the 2022 & 2023 seasons.
  • Delivered custom API endpoints to meet specific data delivery needs.
    • Enabled data-powered front-end visualizations.
    • Comprehensive support for on-air talent, stats, research, post-game, and social media teams.
  • Staff used 6-4-3’s front-end tools to track pitches and utilize aggregated data on air.
  • Currently developing a media-focused front-end platform for ESPN staff.