Written By: Natalie Hansen

Welcome to the third week of the 643 Win Probability Wrapped!

Each week during the college baseball & softball season, we highlight the most exciting game from each respective baseball and softball division. This post will highlight the most exciting game from D1, D2, and D3 baseball and softball! Check out the win probability graphic for each game, as well as the biggest swings in win probability from each matchup!

D1 Softball

Furman vs. Mississippi State

Biggest Win Probability Swings:

Bottom 1: P. Cook singled to center field, RBI; K. Landers advanced to second; C. Malau’ulu scored, unearned.

Bottom 5: J. McKenna singled up the middle, RBI; N. Barbary advanced to second; K. Sells scored.

Bottom 6: A. Brownlee tripled to right field, 2 RBI; P. Cook scored; S. Daniel scored.

Top 7: Hashioka hit by pitch, RBI; Perry advanced to second; Ludlam advanced to third; Lykins scored.

Bottom 12: S. Daniel homered to right center, RBI.

Final Score: Furman 5, Mississippi State 6

D1 Baseball

Stephen F. Austin vs. Houston Christian

Biggest Win Probability Swings:

Bottom 8: Benjamin singled to center field, RBI; Jewell scored.

Bottom 10: Jewell doubled down the rf line, RBI; Roccaforte advanced to third; Benavidez scored.

Bottom 11: Edwards homered to left field, 2 RBI; Chumley scored. 

Top 13: Fleischer doubled to left center, 3 RBI; Parker scored; Loranger scored; Rodgers scored.

Bottom 15: Loranger singled down the rf line, RBI; Rodgers scored. 

Final Score: Houston Christian 14, Stephen F. Austin 21

D2 Softball

Clarion vs. West Virginia Wesleyan

Biggest Win Probability Swings:

Bottom 5: Jenna Christ doubled to left field, 2 RBI (0-2); Bella Posey scored; Taylor Swart scored.

Top 7: A. Stitt doubled to left field, 2 RBI; C. Giordano scored; K. O’Horo scored.

Bottom 8: Megan Norris doubled to left field, RBI; Hallie Dinkl scored.

Top 9: C. Giordano doubled to left field, advanced to third on an error by lf, RBI; K. O’Horo scored.

Bottom 11: Taylor Swart singled to left field, RBI (1-2); Megan Norris scored.

Final Score: Clarion 7, West Virginia Wesleyan 8

D2 Baseball

Lubbock Christian vs. Arkansas-Fort Smith

Biggest Win Probability Swings:

Bottom 8: M. Brinton tripled to right center, RBI; M. Schilling scored.

Bottom 8: D. Taylor singled up the middle, RBI; M. Brinton scored.

Top 14: E. Acosta homered to left field, RBI.

Top 9: J. Torres doubled to left center.

Bottom 14: K. Brewer doubled to left center, RBI; M. Dagley scored.

Final Score: Arkansas-Fort Smith 8, Lubbock Christian 9

D3 Softball

Mount Mary vs. Knox

Biggest Win Probability Swings:

Bottom1: L. Miller grounded into double play p to c to 1b; A. Hyde out on the play.

Bottom 6: L. Dunn singled, RBI; E. Sheetz advanced to second; M. Bean scored.

Top 8: K. Baker advanced to third on a wild pitch.

Bottom 8: M. Bean singled; T. Vargas advanced to third.

Bottom 8: E. Sheetz grounded out to p, SAC; M. Bean advanced to second.

Final Score: Knox 1, Mount Mary 3


D3 Baseball

St. John’s (MN) vs. Luther

Biggest Win Probability Swings:

Top 1: J. Amundson doubled, 2 RBI; M. Nyrop advanced to third; J. Becker scored; O. Dauk scored.

Bottom 2: Matanich, J reached on a throwing error by ss; Stamp, C scored, unearned; Lindmark, P scored, unearned.

Top 8: O. Best singled, RBI; J. Amundson advanced to third; M. Nyrop scored.

Bottom 8: Michna, A singled, RBI; Stamp, C scored.

Top 10: M. Nyrop homered, RBI.

Final Score: Luther 9, St. John’s 10