Driveline TRAQ Integration

Driveline TRAQ Integration

Printing out scouting reports and physically handing them to your players is a surefire way for those papers to end up in the bottom of a backpack or on the floor of a bus. And don’t even get us started about getting players to check their email for a scouting report.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Driveline Baseball to integrate 6-4-3 Charts and Driveline TRAQ! With this integration, coaches can now share scouting reports from 6-4-3 Charts directly to a player’s Driveline TRAQ account. Now your players have no excuse for not seeing the scouting reports!

The reports will also be viewable in TRAQ by all coaches and staff. This feature becomes useful when comparing season-to-season on-field stats with off-season player development metrics.

Overall, integrating your 6-4-3 Charts and Driveline TRAQ accounts gives you and your program a more seamless in-season and offseason system of sharing data and reporting!

“The 6-4-3 & [Driveline] TRAQ integration is vital in our player development process. We can now streamline 6-4-3 data into our TRAQ player profiles. This has fast-tracked our player development and will be the gold standard moving forward.”

-Will Hawks, Lipscomb Baseball Pitching Coach

“TRAQ plus 6-4-3 creates a dynamic platform for in-season, training and player development uses. We are excited to provide value immediately to subscribers of 6-4-3 and TRAQ, and also working together to benefit our customers.”

Mike Rathwell, Driveline Baseball CEO

“The TRAQ platform is the hub for players and coaches to organize everything they need to improve, and we are excited to provide our coaches with the ability to now seamlessly push reports and data visualizations from 6-4-3 directly to TRAQ accounts.”

Derek Weldon, 6-4-3 Charts CEO

About 6-4-3 Charts

6-4-3 Charts currently serves over 550 NCAA Baseball and Softball programs by providing the most accurate and insightful data for opponent scouting and player development purposes. Our team at 6-4-3 Charts prides ourself on understanding the importance of being able to provide actionable data accompanied by informative visualizations. Our versatile services are both concise enough for coaches that prefer a quick look into specific tendencies and comprehensive enough to be valuable for programs with a dedicated analytics staff.

The current suite of 6-4-3 Charts applications includes on-demand scouting reports with customizable chart design options, an interactive Web Application with a multitude of features, a pitch tracking and data visualization suite, and the new Trackman SYNC user-upload visualization applications, in addition to our innovative spray charts and standard scouting reports.

What is TRAQ?

Driveline TRAQ is the one-stop shop for your player development and baseball technology needs. If you want to write out lifts, program a throwing schedule, review swing video, or make a report from over a dozen of our first-class technology partners, you can do all that and more on the TRAQ platform.

TRAQ is trusted by over 3,000 facilities and schools around the world! Learn more about how to add it to your program HERE.

About Driveline

Driveline provides usable, scalable solutions for coaches of all levels and budgets. Driveline continuously studies the game and openly publishes their data in peer-reviewed journals and on their blog to deliver even better results for players. Driveline’s sensors and software are built to make coaches’ lives easier. TRAQ collects and warehouses data, while Pulse helps pitchers play at their best.

You can visit their website at or contact them at

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    Reports, Stat Books, and Pocket Cards

    Reports, Stat Books, and Pocket Cards

    As a coach, you have to make decisions…a lot of decisions. Those decisions can be series-by-series, game-by-game, inning-by-inning, or even pitch-by-pitch. And those decisions can be the difference between winning or losing.

    All those decisions you make are the by-product of all the information you have available. Some of this information came from basic stat sheets, some came from talking to your players, and some even came from listening to your “gut.”

    6-4-3 Charts isn’t here to replace any of those sources, we’re here to help you validate them. We’re here to give you the best information available so that you can make better decisions. We do this by providing you and your staff with easy-to-read reports, spray charts, and comprehensive stat books.

    Within those resources, you have all the information you need to make informed decisions that help your team win games!

    Spray Charts & Reports

    Your days of copying and pasting stats from your opponent’s website are done

    Spray Charts and Reports from 6-4-3 Charts provide your program with customizable, comprehensive, and insightful opponent (or self) scouting reports with one click.

    Coaches can choose the template design (yours or ours), stat year (year-by-year or career), and spray chart design (9×7 or 5×5). Then, chose the players, tables, and spray charts you want to include and click “Generate Report.” 

    With a few clicks, a complete scouting report in a PDF format with the latest data has been collected.

    The Reports Module is available in all three packages (Hitters, Complete, and PLUS). Only the Hitter Reports are available with the Hitters Package. Both Hitters and Pitcher Reports are available with the Complete Package and the Plus Package.

    Spray Charts

    • Overall
    • Vs LHP/RHP
    • 2K
    • 2K vs LHP/RHP
    • RISP
    • Last 8 Games
    • Home/Away
    • Conference Play
    • All Hits
    • All Outs
    • Infield Hits

    Standard Tables

    • LHP/RHP Splits
    • Situational
      • K/BB
      • 1P Swing
      • Take 1K
      • Swing/Miss %
    • Advanced Analytics
      • Swing Analytics
      • Sabermetrics
      • Batted Ball Percentages
    • Count Progression Averages

    Stat Books

    Our Stat Books module allows coaches to export all the stats available on their team or an opponent into an Excel file. Sort and filter by more than ten split types, create your own custom charts and data visualizations, or export tabular statistics directly into your own scouting reports. And finally, coaches can view historical rosters all the way back to 2017 and export by season or by career.

    Example Career Stat Book (Hitting & Pitching)

    The Stat Books Module is available in all three packages (Hitters, Complete, and PLUS). Only the Hitting Stat Books are available with the Hitters Package. Both Hitting and Pitching Stat Books are available with the Complete Package and the Plus Package.

    Pocket Cards

    Once you analyze those Spray Charts, it’s time to put that information into action! Our Pocket Card module makes it easy to export your opponent’s lineup into a pre-formatted pocket card excel file. Edit it with instructions for your players and they’ll be good to go!

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      643 Synergy

      Synergy Video + 6-4-3 Charts: A Winning Combination

      Synergy Sports is the leader in video solutions for NCAA baseball and softball. 6-4-3 Charts is the leader in data visualization. Seems like a natural partnership, huh?

      We thought so too!

      Inside the 6-4-3 Interface (with the Synergy Add-On), you can now interact with Synergy clips the Web App’s All Sprays, Player vs. Player, and Win Probability modules.

      We also automatically connect Synergy clips with all of your uploaded TrackMan SYNC data, and you can interact with Synergy data and video like never.

      Synergy With 6-4-3 Charts Data

      Watch your 6-4-3 Web Application come alive with Synergy videos!

      With the 643 Synergy Add-On, users can now interact with their data inside the Web App by watching videos on any pitch/at-bat in the All-Sprays, Player vs. Player, and Win Probability Modules.

      Synergy + Trackman + 6-4-3 Charts

      You’re going to be able to do some really cool stuff when you combine the best video platform, with the best ball tracking platform, with the best data visualization platform.

      With the Trackman and Synergy Add-Ons, users can visualize all their ball tracking data (from Trackman) AND watch the video (from Synergy) that corresponds with that data, all in one place (6-4-3 Charts). 

      [Learn more about your data visualization capabilities with our Trackman Data Visualization tools.]

      COMING SOON: The Synergy Tile

      A Synergy-specific tile is coming soon to the 6-4-3 Charts interface. You’ll be able to watch all your Synergy video inside of 6-4-3 Charts and have them pair with 6-4-3 Charts data. 

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        Pitch Tracking

        What Pitch Tracking Should Look Like in 2022

        How do you know if your program should use be using the 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking app? 

        Your program has tried the pitching tracking applications you can get for a tablet device. They’re relatively easy to use, and you get your basic stats. But, in the end, you get what you pay for – you don’t get much in the way of data visualization (advanced stats, spray charts, etc.), and the end result isn’t worth all effort. 


        You’ve looked into advanced ball tracking technology like Trackman and Flightscope for games or Rapsodo for bullpens. You know the benefits of having that type of data for your players, but your program just can’t afford it.

        That’s where the 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking application comes in. 


        What matters most for a pitching tracking app is a balance between ease of use and a robust array of input options. If the app is easy to use but lacks the advanced input options, your data doesn’t tell enough of a story about the game. If the app has a bunch of options, but it isn’t easy to use, the input process takes too much time, you miss a lot of pitches, and your data suffers. 

        The 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking app gives you the best of both worlds. 

        Once starting a session/game, you are presented with everything you need in a dual view. No moving between tabs. No excess buttons or clicks. The 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking app makes pitch tracking easy. 

        As we learned above, ease of use isn’t enough. The 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking app has all the input options you need to get way more out of your pitch tracking data than you ever thought possible.

        Put everything together, and the 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracking app gives your program the easiest and most complete pitch tracking app in the industry.

        • Pitch Location
          • Catcher & Pitcher View Options
        • Pitch Type
        • Pitch Velocity

        • Ball In Play Type
        • Ball In Play Location
          • With 9x7 Field Grid
        • Fielded By

        • At Bat Result
        • Baserunning Tracking
        • Additional Options
          • Bunt, Sacrifice, Hard Hit, Ground Rule

        Summarize & Visualize

        After you input the pitch tracking for an entire game, you can head over to the Game Summary module. Here you can start to see the amount of data and statistics you are presented with in our Pitch Tracking app. On a basic level, you get the pitchers’ stats, batters faced, pitch location summary, and spray summary. In the Pitch Summary table, you can see some more advanced stats by pitch type, including usage, strike, swing, and swing/miss percentage, as well as average velocity. All extremely important and useful information

        When you start clicking around and moving your cursor over the data, though, you’ll start to see what sets 6-4-3 Charts Pitch Tracker apart!

        First, you can toggle between the summary data of a singular pitcher from the game, all the pitchers used in the game, or a group of pitchers (maybe you want to see how all your RPs performed).

        Next, you can start to move your mouse around the different pitches, pitch locations, and the BIP results to get an isolated view of those specific metrics. Now you’ll be able to see the location and result of specific pitches that were tracked throughout the game.

        Finally, you can toggle over to the Pitch Highlighter, Pitch Sequencing, and Team Stats modules to get a more complete look at an individual player

        Interested in getting the Pitch Tracking App for your program?
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          Spray Charts

          Staying Ahead Of The Game With Spray Charts

          Two outs, bases loaded, bottom of the ninth. A line drive is scorched to the gap in left-center. The centerfielder, who “happens” to be shaded slightly to left only has to take a few steps to catch it. Everyone watching chalks it up as a lucky play… but we know different.

          We know that play originated two days prior when an assistant coach was looking at the opposing team’s spray chart and noticed that with runners in scoring position, that particular batter hit 42% of the balls to left field, 36% to left-center, and only 10% to center. The result of this preparation? The centerfielder shifted slightly, and a game-ending out was made.

          Spray Charts For Situational Insight

          A baseball or softball team’s season is the cumulation of thousands and thousands of different situations. Being able to sort out those situations in a visual manner (i.e. a spray chart) will help you better understand your opponents and their tendencies.

          6-4-3’s spray charts give you a unique look at these specific situations so you can better understand your opponent, batter by batter, pitch by pitch.

          Take Action On The Field

          Infield Positioning

          Correct infield positioning can create outs and win you games. With 6-4-3 spray charts, you can create a positioning plan for your infield that can not only be tailored to the batter at the plate but also on the count and who is pitching! 

          Outfield Positioning

          Proper outfield positioning can be the difference between a ball falling in the gap or being easily caught. Our seven-section outfield spray chart lets you see a hitter’s tendencies when they put the ball in play deep. And with our custom spray chart option, you’ll be able to see where a hitter is putting their line drives vs fly balls.

          Bunt Defense

          The standard 6-4-3 spray chart report includes a short game report that details a batter’s (or a team’s) tendencies when bunting. As a coach, you’ll quickly see where a particular batter tends to lay down bunts, so when you get into those situations come game time, you’ll be able to position your infield appropriately.


          Your opponents have your team’s spray charts and know your hitters’ tendencies. Great coaches will take the time to self-scout their own hitters’ tendencies and help them adjust their approach. The only thing better than getting an out from a shift on defense is beating a shift with a well-placed oppo hit on offense!

          Custom Charts For Your Coaching Staff

          You and your coaching staff have a particular standard for every single aspect of your program; why not your spray charts as well? With a 6-4-3 Charts Plus Package, your staff can customize your spray chart template any way you’d like!

          Maybe your staff is only interested in a hitter’s last 8 games? Or maybe you want to learn more about where a team is bunting? Or maybe you’re playing in a regional, and you only care about how a team’s hitters do at home? All these possibilities (and more) can be sorted out with our custom spray chart feature!

          More than anything, our custom chart module allows each of your coaches the ability to see the spray data personalized to their preferences.

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