Written By: Natalie Hansen

Welcome to the second week of the 643 Win Probability Wrapped!

Each week during the college baseball & softball season, we highlight the most exciting game from each respective baseball and softball division. D1 baseball kicked off, so this post will highlight the most exciting game from D1, D2, and D3 baseball and softball! Check out the win probability graphic for each game, as well as the biggest swings in win probability from each matchup!

D1 Softball

Georgetown vs. Lehigh

Biggest Win Probability Swings:

Top 3: Dunn reached on a fielding error by rf, RBI (1-0); Forshey advanced to third; Lyman scored, unearned.

Bottom 4: Parlett, S. singled through the left side (2-2).

Bottom 6: Greaney, A. singled to left center, RBI (0-0); Cannon, B. scored.

Top 12: Kondo reached on a fielding error by p (0-0); Inzunza advanced to third.

Bottom 12: Cimino, E. doubled to right field, RBI (2-2); Owens, L. scored.

Final Score: Georgetown 6, Lehigh 7

D1 Baseball

Kent State vs. Jacksonville

Biggest Win Probability Swings:

Top 2: M. Timbrook reached on a fielder’s choice, RBI (0-1); J. Miknis out at second 2b to ss, out on the play; M. McNamara scored.

Bottom 5: C. Howard homered, 2 RBI (0-0); DeLamielleur scored.

Top 6: A. Longwell homered, 2 RBI (1-1); K. Jackson scored.

Top 6: J. Nadeau singled to left field, RBI (1-0); C. Malloy advanced to second; C. Howard advanced to third; C. Ridley scored.

Top 8: E. Flowers advanced to second on a throwing error by p; J. Nadeau scored, unearned.

Final Score: Jacksonville 6, Kent State 10


D2 Softball

Missouri-St. Louis vs. Newman

Biggest Win Probability Swings:

Bottom 3: S. Gutierrez doubled to left center, RBI (3-1); M. Canez scored, unearned.

Top 7: Schultz, R. singled to right field, RBI (0-1); Scaramuzzi scored, unearned.

Bottom 7: M. Canez reached on a fielding error by 3b, SAC, bunt (0-1); T. Waggoner advanced to second.

Bottom 9: M. Canez singled, bunt, RBI (0-0); T. Waggoner scored.

Bottom 9: De Luca-Paap reached on a throwing error by 3b (0-2 FF); S. Gutierrez advanced to second; M. Canez scored, unearned.

Final Score: Missouri-St. Louis 5, Newman 6

D2 Baseball

UT Tyler vs. Lubbock Christian

Biggest Win Probability Swings:

Top 2: T. Thomas singled, advanced to second on an error by cf, RBI; C. Cox advanced to third; B. Jewell scored.

Bottom 7: R. Ball homered to right center, 4 RBI; J. Gibson scored; B. McCool scored; N. Van Maane scored.

Top 9: K. Mason singled; L. Hutchinsonadvanced to second.

Top 9: A. Ochoa singled up the middle, 2 RBI; T. Thomas advanced to second; H. Clearman scored; L. Hutchinson scored.

Bottom 9: J. Benavidez out at third c to 3b, picked off.

Final Score: Lubbock Christian 11, UT Tyler 12


D3 Softball

La Grange vs. Emory

Biggest Win Probability Swings:

Top 6: A. Gardner singled to third base, advanced to second on the throw, 2 RBI; A. Vanhoose scored; A. Hefner scored.

Bottom 8: I. Cohen grounded into double play 2b to ss to 1b; M. Duford out on the play.

Top 10: L. Swearngin stole third.

Top 10: K. Moody reached on a fielder’s choice to third base; L. Swearngin out at home 3b to c.

Bottom 11: E. Hoyle doubled to right center, RBI; N. Swift scored.

Final Score: La Grange 3, Emory 4

D3 Baseball

Wilson vs. Guilford

Biggest Win Probability Swings:

Top 1: M. Marrale homered to left field, 3 RBI; B. Cook scored; H. Hoff scored.

Top 2: D. Daniels singled to right field, RBI; D. Mercer advanced to second, advanced to third on a fielding error by lf; M. Marrale scored.

Bottom 8: M. Sumner doubled to left center; B. Vestal advanced to third.

Top 9: B. Andre walked, RBI; M. Marrale advanced to second; G. Griebel advanced to third; J. McKenzie scored.

Bottom 8: R. Smith singled through the left side, 2 RBI; I. Hairston advanced to second; M. Sumner scored; B. Vestal scored.

Final Score: Wilson 13, Guilford 14