Driveline TRAQ Integration

Printing out scouting reports and physically handing them to your players is a surefire way for those papers to end up in the bottom of a backpack or on the floor of a bus. And don’t even get us started about getting players to check their email for a scouting report.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Driveline Baseball to integrate 6-4-3 Charts and Driveline TRAQ! With this integration, coaches can now share scouting reports from 6-4-3 Charts directly to a player’s Driveline TRAQ account. Now your players have no excuse for not seeing the scouting reports!

The reports will also be viewable in TRAQ by all coaches and staff. This feature becomes useful when comparing season-to-season on-field stats with off-season player development metrics.

Overall, integrating your 6-4-3 Charts and Driveline TRAQ accounts gives you and your program a more seamless in-season and offseason system of sharing data and reporting!

“The 6-4-3 & [Driveline] TRAQ integration is vital in our player development process. We can now streamline 6-4-3 data into our TRAQ player profiles. This has fast-tracked our player development and will be the gold standard moving forward.”

-Will Hawks, Lipscomb Baseball Pitching Coach

“TRAQ plus 6-4-3 creates a dynamic platform for in-season, training and player development uses. We are excited to provide value immediately to subscribers of 6-4-3 and TRAQ, and also working together to benefit our customers.”

Mike Rathwell, Driveline Baseball CEO

“The TRAQ platform is the hub for players and coaches to organize everything they need to improve, and we are excited to provide our coaches with the ability to now seamlessly push reports and data visualizations from 6-4-3 directly to TRAQ accounts.”

Derek Weldon, 6-4-3 Charts CEO

About 6-4-3 Charts

6-4-3 Charts currently serves over 550 NCAA Baseball and Softball programs by providing the most accurate and insightful data for opponent scouting and player development purposes. Our team at 6-4-3 Charts prides ourself on understanding the importance of being able to provide actionable data accompanied by informative visualizations. Our versatile services are both concise enough for coaches that prefer a quick look into specific tendencies and comprehensive enough to be valuable for programs with a dedicated analytics staff.

The current suite of 6-4-3 Charts applications includes on-demand scouting reports with customizable chart design options, an interactive Web Application with a multitude of features, a pitch tracking and data visualization suite, and the new Trackman SYNC user-upload visualization applications, in addition to our innovative spray charts and standard scouting reports.

What is TRAQ?

Driveline TRAQ is the one-stop shop for your player development and baseball technology needs. If you want to write out lifts, program a throwing schedule, review swing video, or make a report from over a dozen of our first-class technology partners, you can do all that and more on the TRAQ platform.

TRAQ is trusted by over 3,000 facilities and schools around the world! Learn more about how to add it to your program HERE.

About Driveline

Driveline provides usable, scalable solutions for coaches of all levels and budgets. Driveline continuously studies the game and openly publishes their data in peer-reviewed journals and on their blog to deliver even better results for players. Driveline’s sensors and software are built to make coaches’ lives easier. TRAQ collects and warehouses data, while Pulse helps pitchers play at their best.

You can visit their website at or contact them at

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