6-4-3 Charts and GoRout are excited to announce a new partnership that will revolutionize the way that coaches share data on field through one-way communication devices with college baseball and softball athletes.

The GoRout product consists of a coach app and individual player devices. Using the app, coaches are able to send information to the player devices such for pitch calling, defensive shifts, bunts, steals, and hit n’ runs. The customizable system allows coaches to quickly transfer this information to players on the field.
The partnership between 643 Charts and GoRout will allow 643 x GoRout users to send visualizations from the 643 interface straight to the player device. Initial visualizations will include 643 Spray Charts and Zone Illustrations, with the expansion of other visualizations likely in the future.

The ability to send sprays and zone illustrations will allow coaches to better communicate defensive positioning needs with defenders. The addition of visualizations will work in tandem with the traditional capabilities of the GoRout product. Coaches will be able to send textual instructions for positioning, as well as 643 visuals with this partnership. Coaches will be able to send raw sprays to give players a more granular look at why their coach is positioning them a certain way.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with GoRout,” said Derek Weldon, 6-4-3 Charts CEO and co-founder. “We believe in GoRout’s vision for creating the best coach-to-player communication system in the market. The experience can be as simple as sending pitch types and locations, defensive systems, and offensive plays like other products currently in the market. However, with our integration the experience can be as sophisticated as sending 643 spray charts and other visualizations directly to player devices. The possibilities are truly unlimited and we are proud to be a part of GoRout’s innovative new product.”

“GoRout is incredibly excited to usher in the new era of coach-to-player communication with the capabilities of our existing platform paired with the insights and data analytics provided by 643 Charts.” said GoRout CEO Mike Rolih. “We feel that this partnership will bring the game of Baseball to new heights in terms of readily available information and coach-to-player communication at all levels of play.”

6-4-3 Charts brings leading edge technology to the analysis of college baseball and softball, providing tools for coaches and scouts to evaluate data and video. More than 600 college baseball and softball programs use 643, as well as numerous other college programs, media outlets and professional organizations.

GoRout is an information technology company that provides athletic programs with the cutting edge in coach-to-player communication. Over the past decade, GoRout has worked with thousands of programs to grow and develop their products, and has cemented themselves as the leader in coach-to-player communication.

Now 6-4-3 Charts and GoRout will join forces to create a new level of product to one-way communication systems, with the added ability to send visualizations straight to players.

For more information about 6-4-3 data and subscriptions, visit 643charts.com. For more information about GoRout, visit gorout.com.