New Partnership Between 6-4-3 Charts and KinaTrax is Set To Enhance Data Visualization and Reporting Capabilities

6-4-3 Charts, the leading baseball & softball data and video solutions platform, is pleased to announce a partnership with KinaTrax, the pioneering provider of markerless motion capture technology. This strategic collaboration marks a significant enhancement in how 6-4-3 Charts’ clients will be able to visualize and utilize biomechanics data alongside comprehensive play-by-play, ball-tracking, and video data.

Through this partnership, KinaTrax’s biomechanics data, including the most popular visualizations and tables from KinaTrax’s ‘Dugout’ application, will be integrated into the 6-4-3 Charts platform, allowing users to leverage detailed biomechanics insights in 6-4-3’s Custom Reporting tools. This integration will enable teams to make informed decisions based on a holistic view of in-game biomechanics performance paired with play-by-play information, ball-tracking data, and video, with the end goal of improving player development and in-game strategy.

Derek Weldon, CEO of 6-4-3 Charts, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with KinaTrax aligns with our mission to provide the most comprehensive and insightful data solutions to our clients. By incorporating KinaTrax’s advanced biomechanics data into our platform, we are enhancing our ability to deliver actionable insights that drive player performance and strategic decisions.”

Scott Coleman, Director of Biomechanics at KinaTrax, also commented on the partnership, “Integrating our data and visualization with 6-4-3 Charts is a natural fit, especially as we are starting to expand our footprint in college baseball. Our technology is designed to capture precise biomechanics data, and integrating this with 6-4-3 Chart’s data visualization capabilities will provide unprecedented access to actionable insights for our growing number of collegiate and professional users. This will undoubtedly further our goal to support teams in enhancing performance while also focusing on injury prevention and fatigue management.”

The integration of KinaTrax data into the 6-4-3 Charts platform is set to roll out over the coming months, with both parties committed to providing seamless access and comprehensive support to ensure users can maximize the benefits of this new feature.

About 6-4-3 Charts
6-4-3 Charts serves over 650 college baseball and softball programs and multiple MLB organizations, offering a suite of applications that provide accurate, actionable data and insights for opponent scouting and player development. The company’s versatile offerings cater to both quick data insights and in-depth analytical needs, enhancing the strategies of coaches and analytics staff alike.

About KinaTrax:
KinaTrax develops state-of-the-art markerless motion capture technology used in both in-game and lab settings to provide precise 3D joint location and bone segment orientation. Their system, deployed in dozens of collegiate and professional ballparks across the country, assists teams in performance enhancement, injury prevention, and fatigue monitoring through detailed biomechanical analysis. Learn more about KinaTrax: