6-4-3 Charts and PlaySight

PlaySight’s baseball and softball video systems will integrate directly with 6-4-3 Charts’ industry-leading advanced scouting, data visualization and analytics tools, creating an all-in-one technology platform.

The most robust and affordable solution for baseball and softball.

PlaySight’s multi-angle video system, utilized throughout baseball and softball, will now integrate directly with 6-4-3 Charts’ industry-leading data and analytics platform.

This partnership will offer the most advanced video and analytics offering ever seen in baseball and softball, with an incredible amount of features

  • Multi-angle live streaming
  • Multi-angle and synchronized instant replay
  • Scorebord integration

  • Custom scouting reports
  • Custom spray charts
  • Pitch tracking application

  • Interactive stats and data visualizations
  • Video tagging application
  • User-upload visualization application

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