6-4-3 Charts LLC is proud to welcome Greg Hunter to the team as a Consultant. Greg will be involved with strategic development and will work closely with clients to ensure that coaches are getting the most out of the services provided by 6-4-3 Charts.

Greg’s title of “PlaySight Diamond Sports & 6-4-3 Charts Consultant” will facilitate continuity between PlaySight Interactive and 6-4-3 Charts in their recent partnership to create the first all-in-one video and analytics solution for NCAA Baseball and Softball programs.

Greg comes to 6-4-3 Charts after more than 20 years in scouting and player development with the Seattle Mariners. Greg started his career with the Mariners as the Director of Minor League Operations before transitioning to Director of Player Development and finishing his tenure with the Mariners as a Pro Scout. Greg played baseball for four seasons at Washington State University, where he graduated with a BA in General Studies.

“We are thrilled to welcome Greg to our team,” said 6-4-3 Charts Co-Founder and CEO Derek Weldon. “Greg brings a wealth of experience using various sources of data to evaluate players and make informed data-driven decisions. Greg understands how data is leveraged at the highest levels to guide player development and help coaches prepare on game day from an opponent scouting perspective. We are ecstatic to have Greg on board to keep moving 6-4-3 Charts and the service we provide forward for our programs and coaches.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to join the 643 charts team,” said Greg Hunter. “The pairing of video with the recent PlaySight Partnership with analytics affords coaches and players the ability to develop and scout much more effectively and efficiently than any time before. The wide range of tools 6-4-3 Charts brings to coaches’ fingertips across all levels of softball and baseball is truly a next-level resource. The hunger, agility, and passion for helping ball teams get the most out of emerging tech is a driving force behind the 643 engine, and it’s what attracted me most, and I am honored to be a part of it.”

About 6-4-3 Charts

6-4-3 Charts currently serves NCAA Baseball and Softball programs by providing the most accurate and insightful data for opponent scouting and player development purposes. The team at 6-4-3 Charts prides itself on understanding the importance of being able to provide actionable data accompanied by informative visualizations. Their versatile services are both concise enough for coaches that prefer a quick look into specific tendencies and comprehensive enough to be valuable for programs with a dedicated analytics staff.
Founded in 2017, 6-4-3 Charts has continuously expanded the markets it serves and increased the breadth of its offerings to become the market leader in visualizing and reporting on baseball and softball data. The current suite of 6-4-3 Charts applications includes on-demand scouting reports with customizable chart design options, an interactive Web Application with a multitude of features, a pitch tracking and visualization application, and the new 643 SYNC user-upload visualization applications, in addition to their innovative spray charts and standard scouting reports.