Throughout the season, 6–4–3 Charts will supply your program with powerful and insightful scouting reports for your opponents, as well as your own team. As former coaches and players ourselves, we understand the importance of providing actionable data accompanied by informative visualizations, along with the urgency of support for our valued coaches.

At 6-4-3 Charts, our mission is to provide coaches with a seamless experience to interact with, visualize and report on data. We aim to serve as an extension of your coaching staff to assist with your scouting and player development processes.

In 2021, we once again served over 500 NCAA Baseball and Softball programs, including 5 of the 6 NCAA National Champions. Heading into the 2021-2022 season, we are excited about the enhancements we have made and the new features we have added to support programs better than ever before.

“6-4-3 Charts is at the forefront of all companies in delivering analytic information to create scouting reports and further our players’ development. We have the utmost confidence in the accuracy of their data and reports. The 6-4-3 TrackMan Visualization App is vital to our player development and game planning process. It is the gold standard for ball tracking visualization.”

Pitching Coach, New York Yankees

“6-4-3 Charts has saved us time in putting scouting reports together for our players. They do an excellent job of updating reports and having them available for our opponents. I would highly recommend their service to anyone who wants to have all the data available for your team’s next opponent.”

Head Coach, University of West Georgia

“The spray charts and analytic breakdowns provided by 6–4–3 Charts are the best in the business. Their accuracy and wealth of information helps us scout our opponents in greater detail than ever before. Their reports have allowed our staff to be more efficient throughout the week while preparing for games.  6–4–3 Charts is a great value and a game changer when it comes to information on opponents.”

University of Florida

Stick & Ball TV Announces Partnership with 6–4–3 Charts

Article featuring 6-4-3 Charts / 7.3.2020

“6–4–3 Charts has developed an absolutely incredible product. We are excited about the confidence we are going to have in positioning our defense based on the variety of detailed spray charts for both hitters and pitchers they are providing. We also feel their advanced analytics data will be a tremendous tool for us to understand not only our opponents, but ourselves better than ever before. The wealth of information these guys are providing is extraordinary.”

Former Head Coach, Central Arkansas Baseball

“The 6–4–3 team provides accurate, well-researched data that helped us both offensively and defensively in our NCAA Regional. We will be using 6–4–3 Charts extensively and I highly recommend 6–4–3 Charts for Division 1 Softball programs.”

Head Softball Coach, UAB Softball

6-4-3 Charts: Advanced Scouting and Analytics

Article featuring 6-4-3 Charts

“We found 6–4–3 Charts very helpful! They give you more information, that is useful, than most other programs. It helped us work at max speed as well in the middle of the game. All the info on the specific players page helped us to quickly asses a pinch hitter, runner, or new pitcher. They have the team you’re playing available EVERY Monday. They never missed and we never had to chase them down for one. Thanks 6–4–3 Charts!”

Houston Baptist University

“6-4-3 Charts are ahead of the curve with the wealth of information that is provided by their product. The detailed spray charts and splits have not only helped us be more prepared for our opponents but also learn more about our own players. Derek Weldon and the 6-4-3 team have developed a product that has helped us be better on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.”

Head Coach, Southern Arkansas University Baseball

6-4-3 Charts Expands Team & Capabilities

Press Release / 5.23.2021

“6-4-3 is an industry leader in softball analytics and they do not stop there. I have used 6-4-3 for four years and at multiple institutions simply because they are the best. The time saved and information gained is an invaluable resource for our program. Anytime I am asked what we use, I always refer them to 6-4-3.”

Head Softball Coach, Longwood Softball

“While we have used other scouting charts in the past, when I saw the variety of additional information 6-4-3 Charts provides, it was something that I knew would help us even more and give us much more value for the price.”

Head Coach, University of Northern Iowa Softball

Smart Solutions, Measured Growth

Article featuring 6-4-3 Charts / 8.21.19

“6-4-3 Charts is a great scouting tool for our coaching staff to use in preparation for our opponents. It saves us valuable time in the office and is very accurate with its data. This is a great tool to have and we plan to use their service for years to come. Thanks for the help 6-4-3 Charts!”

Associate Head Coach, UNC Charlotte Baseball

“6-4-3 Charts is the best source on the market when it comes to detailed scouting report information. We have used other companies in the past, but for the most in-depth and accurate data, we believe 6–4–3 charts gives our team the best advantage. These guys are able to provide our team great customer service along with a great price.”

Associate Head Coach, Belmont University Baseball

“6–4–3 Charts has been an integral part of our program. The user friendly data has aided us in scouting our opponents, ourselves and a better understanding of what it takes to win games on the biggest stage. We are grateful for companies like 6–4–3 that assist us to take the game to another level of learning.”

Florida State Softball

“As a college program that prides itself in being a leader in the analytic approach to the game, 6–4–3 Charts have become a game changer and a huge asset to Mizzou Baseball. The organization of the reports and the detailed information it provides makes it a no-brainer for any program wanting to be better prepared on game day. The fact that the information is trustworthy allows the Mizzou Baseball staff to be more efficient in other areas of our program. This is a great value and a must for any program wanting to better prepare their players on game day.”

Head Coach, University of Missouri Baseball

“I worked with Derek Weldon, one of the creators of 6–4–3 Charts, for many years at Tennessee Tech University and he helped lead our program to multiple championships. I’ve found their product to be remarkable, some of the insight and information they provide I didn’t even know could be obtained! 6–4–3 Charts will definitely make a positive impact in any program.”

Head Coach, Tennessee Tech

“6-4-3 Charts was a game changer for our program. The amount of pertinent information available in one place not only allowed us to be more prepared for our opponents but also made us more efficient in that preparation.”

University of Central Florida

2 Real Scouting College Spray Charts — Would You Shift?

Article featuring 6-4-3 Charts / 8.7.2018

“6-4-3 Charts has been first-class, and has put our program in a position to be successful all season long. I highly recommend their product and service!”

Head Coach, Southeastern Louisiana Softball


6–4–3 Charts is committed to giving you the best scouting experience possible. We love getting feedback on our products, and are always happy to answer questions.

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