Written By: Natalie Hansen

With the conclusion of the college baseball and softball seasons, let’s go back and review the top players from last year’s transfer portal and see how they performed during 2022. Last year, 6-4-3 Charts’ Luke Smailes and Greg Hunter looked at the D1 Baseball portal and selected their top-players based on 6-4-3 Charts play-by-play data and ball tracking data. In their blog: “Scout Angles: The Top Players of D1 Baseball’s 2022 Transfer Portal” they used stats from previous seasons to establish player track records and they used information in the 6-4-3 Charts’ Ball Tracking Data Visualization Suite to determine projectability. (Examples of 6-4-3’s ball tracking capabilities here and here). From the portal of over 100 players, Luke and Greg had 11 of the same players in their top-20 rankings, which became their top 11. For players ranked 12-20, Luke and Greg traded off nominating their favorite players that the other did not nominate. Of the 20 picks, 11 were position players while 9 were pitchers. This blog will break down how their picks from last year performed in the 2022 season and which players were picked in the 2022 Draft (psssst it was 12 of their 20 picks).

Transfer Portal Player Rankings

  1. Griffin Doersching – Oklahoma St. – First Baseman 

Picked for his high wRAA (38.7), ISO, walk rate (23.7%), and wOBA in the 2021 season, Doersching had a lot to live up to in his transition to the Big-12 in 2022. While he took a dip in many of his statistical categories as compared to his 2021 numbers, he finished middle of the pack for the top-20 transfers for wRAA (18.2). His ISO of .377 is second only to Sonny DiChiara, and he had the third highest walk rate at 14.9%. He ranked fourth in wOBA at .481 and blasted 15 HR over the 2022 season. Doersching managed to compile 58 RBI in his 159 at bats for the Cowboys, and he had numbers better than the D1 average for BA, OPS, ISO, HR, BB%, wOBA, and BABIP. Doersching was drafted by the Padres in the 8th round of the 2022 MLB Draft.

  1. Jacob Berry – LSU – Infielder

Joining a very talented LSU baseball team and continuing his play under Coach Jay Johnson, Berry was praised for his ability to hit for power and drive runs in during his 2021 first-team All-American run. Berry carried over this talent to 2022. Out of the transfer players, he had the third ranked wRAA (26.4), second ranked BA (.370), and third ranked OPS (1.094). He sent 15 long balls, and his exceptional bat-to-ball skills yielded a minuscule 8.9 K%, as compared to a 20.2 K% for D1 Baseball as a whole in 2022. He ranked third in wOBA (.498) and third in BABIP (.358), demonstrating just how versatile his talent is. His consistency in generating hits lead the Tigers in BA for 2022 and put him in the top 3 for many of the Tigers’ offensive categories. Rewarded for his talents, Berry was a first-round draft pick in the 2022 MLB Draft to the Marlins.

  1. John Thrasher – Kentucky – Outfielder

Praised for his ability to mix speed with the pop in his bat, Thrasher boasted a high OPS and averaged just under one base stolen per game across the 2021 season. His transition from the America East Conference to the SEC brought a higher level of pitching that drove numbers down for many of his offensive statistics. Of the players from our top 20 list, he ranked 9th or 10th for many of the stats, but his consistency at the plate gave him the 4th best K% at 16.7% and 4th best BB% at 11.3%. Thrasher was still able to wreck havoc on the bases with 16-18 SB against strong SEC arms behind the plate.

  1. Michael Turner – Arkansas – Catcher/Infielder

In 2021, Turner excelled in wOBA (.496) and wRAA (11.2) across just 107 PA. His discipline at the plate, combined with his work as a catcher led him to join the Razorbacks for the 2022 season. Of the transfers we analyzed, Turner finished in the middle range for many categories, but he ranked third for BA (.322) and second for BABIP (.365). He compiled a 12.7 wRAA, improving on his 2021 value. He lead the Razorbacks with a team high 83 hits, second best BA, and the third best RBI total (53). All of his offensive stats ranked above the D1 Baseball average for 2022, demonstrating how he was able to adjust to the SEC. Behind the plate, Turner worked the zone well for his pitchers. The White Sox chose Turner in the 9th round of the 2022 MLB Draft.

  1. Jack Washburn – Ole Miss – Right-Handed Pitcher

Picked for his effective fastball, slurvy breaking ball, and low spin CH, Washburn was predicted to add to a talented Ole Miss bullpen. In available 2022 season data, Washburn made use of a fastball that sat just over 90 MPH. He complemented the fastball with a slider averaging around 80 MPH and an 83 MPH changeup to create his three-pitch mix. Washburn was able to increase his Chase% and Whiff% on his fastball from 2021 to 2022. His pitching mix allowed him to have the third lowest BAA (.220) out of the transfer pitchers that we analyzed. He went 40.1 innings for the Rebels in 2022 with 9.4 K/9 and a 22.8 K%. His 5.49 FIP and 4.22 SIERA put him towards the bottom of the transfer pitchers, but he was an effective pitcher for Ole Miss with 5-2 W-L and 9 starts of 15 appearances in 2022.

  1. Sonny DiChiara – Auburn – First Baseman

Coming out of Samford in 2021, DiChiara looked to fill a gap in the Auburn lineup with his ability to generate extra base hits and make opposing pitchers work the zone against his high walk rate. Exceeding expectations for his transition to the SEC, DiChiara ranked first in many of the offensive categories we analyzed for the transfer hitters in this list. He posted a 46.6 wRAA, nearly 15 runs above the next highest player in this list. He generated a .383/.549/.777 with 22 HR, .575 wOBA, and .435 BABIP. He led Auburn’s offense in BA, OPS, HR, RBI, and walks, demonstrating his ability to not only adjust well to the SEC, but to dominate one of the toughest D1 Baseball conferences. He was picked a a first-team Division 1 Baseball All-American as a DH and the SEC player of the year for 2022. Recognizing his talent, the Angels picked DiChiara in the fifth round of the 2022 MLB Draft.

  1. Micah Dallas – Texas A&M – Right-Handed Pitcher

With the best FIP of all the pitchers in last season’s portal, Dallas was expected to solidify the Aggies bullpen with his slider, fastball, and changeup arsenal. Within this season’s available data, Dallas relied heavily on his 82 MPH slider, followed by a 91 MPH fastball, and he complemented these pitches with a changeup. Adding horizontal break to his slider for 2022, the pitch was particularly effective, generating a 42.2% chase rate and a 45.9 whiff rate. Dallas continued to deceive hitters, generating the highest cumulative chase rate (36.1%) of these transfers. He ranked in the top 3 for BB/9 (2.4), BB% (6), xFIP (2.79), SIERA (3.27), and Kr (66.4). Fitting into a starting role for Texas A&M, Dallas amassed 7 wins and 3 losses with 16 starts and 18 appearances. Dallas’ control added to Nathan Dettmer’s talent on the mound to help lead the Aggies to a successful season. In the eighth round of the 2022 MLB Draft, the Athletics picked Dallas.

  1. Adam Mazur – Iowa – Right-Handed Pitcher

With very little ball tracking data available for Mazur from 2021, the pitcher was selected based on his ability to strike hitters out at 26% rate. In the available ball tracking data from the 2022 season, Mazur utilized his 94 MPH fastball, paired with a slider and changeup to create ground balls and strikeouts. Mazur’s fastball velocity ranked above the 90th percentile for available data, and he was able to use his slider to induce a 41% Chase% and 39% Whiff%. Mazur ranked first for BAA (.178) and wOBA (.257), and was in the top-3 for nearly every statistic we analyzed. Notably, Mazur was able to maintain that 26% strikeout rate as he moved to the Big Ten along with a 3.87 FIP, and a 3.18 SIERA. Mazur collected 7 wins and 3 losses for the Hawkeyes with a team-high 15 starts on the mound and was named the 2022 Big Ten Pitcher of the Year. Adding to his success at Iowa, Mazur was recognized for his talent, and the Padres picked him in the second round of the 2022 MLB Draft.

  1. Dylan Rock – Texas A&M – Outfielder

A combination of consistent hitting, speed, and strike zone control during 2021 brought Rock to Texas A&M for the 2022 season. Rock surely did not disappoint, posting a 32.0 wRAA that ranked second only to DiChiara out of the players in our list. Rock’s ability to hit for power and get on base allowed him to accumulate a .318/.469/.641 with 19 HR. He controlled the zone with his 16.5 K% and 17.5 BB%, both ranking in the top-3 for the transfers and well above the D1 baseball averages for 2022. Rock ranked second in wOBA (.500). Leading the Aggies in OPS (1.109), HR, and RBI (65) while stealing 16-22 bases, he proved himself as an everyday starter for Texas A&M. Rock was picked as a second-team Division 1 Baseball All-American outfielder for 2022. The Blue Jays recognized Rock’s talent, picking him in the eighth round of the 2022 MLB Draft.

  1. Jake Gitter – Coastal Carolina – Utility Player

After a 2021 season cut short by injury with only 114 PA, Gitter was chosen for our list due to his high wOBA and ISO of players in the portal. During the 2022 season, Gitter only saw 21 at bats over 9 games, leaving him out of our rankings for the offensive statistics. Gitter now plays outfield in the Frontier League for the Lake Erie Crushers.

  1. John Gaddis – Ole Miss – Left-Handed Pitcher

Gaddis was selected among the top 20 transfers going into the 2022 season due to his ability to generate strikeouts and limit walks during his time at Texas A&M Corpus-Christi. During 2022, Gaddis attacked hitters mostly with his fastball, but he mixed in his changeup frequently for a change of speed. His changeup had a lot of run, low spin rate, and a velocity differential that complemented his fastball well, inducing ground balls and a .273 BABIP. His changeup also generated a 38.6 Whiff% and 38.5% Chase. As compared to the other pitchers in this transfer list, Gaddis finished middle of the pack for many statistics. His low BB% (8.8%) and Kr (63.8) demonstrated his ability to locate his pitches. He was able to compile a 3.21 xFIP, which ranked fourth of the nine pitchers in this post. Gaddis rounded out a talented national championship bullpen, accumulating 4 wins and 2 losses on the season across 17 appearances and 7 starts. Having the fourth most innings pitched on the team, the Rebels were able to use Gaddis’ arsenal, forcing hitters to adjust their timing.

  1. Brett Walker – TCU – Right-Handed Pitcher

After showcasing a fastball with a ton of vertical break and an arsenal of pitches to complement it in 2021, Walker joined a talented TCU roster for the 2022 season. Walker’s 91 MPH fastball was backed up by his 80 MPH slider, and 82 MPH changeup. He was able to add horizontal movement on his changeup between 2021 and 2022, which helped him generate a changeup chase rate of 52.6% this season, but his main put away pitch was his fastball. Ranked first for BB/9 (2.2), BB% (5.4), and K% (68.7), Walker demonstrated his ability to work within the zone and limit free bases. His second ranked FIP (3.96) also shows just how effective Walker was in 2022. TCU relied heavily on Walker, giving him 11 starts and 15 appearances which resulted in 5 wins and 2 losses on his record. In 61.1 innings pitched for the Horned Frogs, Walker only gave up 3 home runs but struck out 52.

  1. Eric Reyzelman – LSU – Right-Handed Pitcher

Picked by Greg for his ability to generate strikeouts and his impressive fastball in 2021, Reyzelman added a raw arm to the LSU bullpen. In available data from 2022, Reyzelman relied primarily on his fastball that sat around 95 MPH. Already showcasing a good fastball in 2021, Reyzelman was able to add a couple inches of ride and run to the pitch in 2022. With this pitch, Reyzelman improved his chase rate, swing rate, whiff to 32.4%, 52.2% and 50.7% respectively. He led the group of transfer pitchers in overall whiff rate, without really even throwing breaking balls.  He was able to use his heat to limit hitters to a .200 BAA in 2022. Among the transfer pitchers, Reyzelman was in the top 3 for nearly every category. He amassed 14.03 K/9, a 35.5% K%, and a 2.35 xFIP. Reyzelman’s ability to locate his fastball all over the zone allowed him to attack hitters hard and limit balls in play. As an elite relief pitcher for the Tigers, Reyzelman appeared 29 times and pitched 42.1 innings, contributing to a talented LSU team. In the 2022 MLB Draft, Reyzelman was picked by the New York Yankees in the fifth round.

  1. Caleb Bolden – TCU – Right-Handed Pitcher

Picked by Luke for showing promise with his ability to mix his fastball, changeup, and slider during 2021, Bolden joined TCU for the 2022 season. In available 2022 data, Bolden continued to utilize his fastball and slider. He added 3 additional inches of horizontal break to an already sweepy slider between 2021 and 2022, which he used to challenge hitters in the zone during 2022. Bolden was able to improve his fastball velocity by 2 MPH, averaging 92 MPH over the 2022 season. With this pitch, Bolden held opposing hitters to a .288 BABIP and increased his Chase% from 2021. Bolden compiled 10.7 K/9, a 25.4 K%, 4.78 FIP, and 3.53 SIERA all within the top 4 for the transfer pitchers in this post. As a Horned Frog, Bolden made 23 appearances and 1 start, finishing with a 5-2 W-L. In 39 innings pitched, Bolden struck out 46 and only walked 19. Recognizing Bolden’s talent, the Red Sox selected the RHP in the seventh round of the 2022 MLB Draft.

  1. Adam Tulloch – Arizona State – Left-Handed Pitcher

Greg picked Tulloch due to his ability to strike out hitters with a mid-90 MPH fastball and 78 MPH secondary slurve in 2021. Joining Arizona State for the 2022 season, Tulloch continued to rely on his 91 MPH fastball, accompanied by his off speed 82 MPH changeup and 79 MPH slider. Utilizing his changeup more frequently in 2022, Tulloch improved his Chase% (37.8) and Swing% (52.4) on the pitch as compared to the 2021 season. While Tulloch had the highest BAA (.314) of these transfer pitchers, his 11.4 K/9 and 25.53 K% showed how his stuff was effective in inducing whiffs, and he had the fifth ranked xFIP at 3.30. The Sun Devils relied on Tulloch as a starter, granting him a team high 17 starts over 18 appearances. Carrying a heavy load for Arizona State over 67.1 innings, Tulloch had 85 strikeouts and only 38 walks. Tulloch was picked by the Guardians in the 15th round of the 2022 MLB Draft.

  1. RJ Yeager – Mississippi St. – Infielder

Transferring from Mercer to Mississippi State, Luke selected Yeager for his ability to to mix speed and power with his defensive skills as an infielder. In the 2022 season, Yeager compiled a 20.5 wRAA, ranking 4th out of the transfer players. He ranked third with a .351 ISO and third for HR with 18. Having the second-best K% (15.3%) and .317 BA, Yeager was able to lead the Mississippi State offense. He compiled a team high 64 hits and 56 RBI. Yeager performed better than the D1 average in nearly every offensive category, all while posting a .994 FLD% at second base.

  1. Tyler McManus – LSU – Catcher

Coming to LSU, Greg predicted that McManus would use his power in the Tiger lineup, based on his 1.044 OPS in 2021. McManus saw many of his offensive stats down from 2021, and his highest ranking among the transfer hitters we analyzed was for BABIP. McManus was ranked fourth for BABIP (.352), generated 11.8 wRAA, and a .445 wOBA. His .283/.387/.586 slash still remained above the D1 baseball averages, and his .973 OPS showed his ability to hit for power and get on base. Although his 28% strikeout rate hindered his rankings in a few categories, he served as a consistent cornerstone for the Tigers, accumulating 10 HR and 32 RBI. McManus finished with a .995 FLD% as a catcher and threw out 4-18 SBA. Using the Catcher Framing tab within 6-4-3 SYNC, we can see how McManus’ framing skills helped his pitchers out behind the plate. The Catcher Framing tab compares a catcher’s framing to the average catcher by calculating strike rate for different parts of the strike zone, specifically by analyzing the shadow zones in which a catcher can win or lose a call from the umpire. Using ball tracking data available for McManus’ catching, we can see that he works the top of the zone better than the average catcher, signified by the bright red coloring. A combination of his solid offensive skills and his refined framing contributed to his success as a Tiger.

  1. Nate Rombach – Dallas Baptist – Catcher/Infielder

Predicted to use his slugging ability from his time at Texas Tech, Rombach transferred to Dallas Baptist for the 2022 season. Among the transfer hitters on our list, Rombach ranks in the lower half for many of the categories, but performed above the D1 average for many of the power hitting statistics. Rombach paired his 10th ranked BA (.228) with a .864 OPS and 12 HR in 2022. While his walk rate was slightly above the D1 average at 10.8%, it wasn’t enough to make up for his 29.7 K%. As only a sophomore in 2022, Rombach has time to improve his plate discipline and use his power to generate a more consistent offensive game in the future.

  1. Troy Claunch – Texas A&M – Catcher

Selected for his steady hitting statistics at Oregon State and his experience behind the dish, Claunch joined a talented Aggie roster for the 2022 season. Claunch’s offensive stats situated him lower in the rankings as compared to the other transfer hitters on this list, with his top stat being fifth ranked in BABIP at .351. As compared to the rest of the 2022 Aggie offense, Claunch was a humble everyday starter, but he filled a needed role behind the plate. Claunch was able to work the lower side of the zone for his pitchers, throw out 16 of 32 SBA, and end with a .988 FLD%.

  1. Victor Mederos – Oklahoma St. – Right-Handed Pitcher

Picked by Luke with limited information about Mederos pitches in 2021, the RHP joined Oklahoma State for the 2022 season. This past season, Mederos showcased a 94 MPH fastball with a 83 MPH slider and 81 MPH curve ball. Out of the group of transfer pitchers, he has the third highest whiff rate due to his ability to throw two distinct breaking balls. Mederos’ stats fell just in the middle of our transfer pitchers, but his ability to control his pitches was shown through a 2.9 BB/9 and 7.2 BB%. Mederos shared the main pitching load for the Cowboys during 2022, making 13 starts in 14 appearances and ending with 4 wins and 4 losses. Through 66 innings pitched, Mederos walked 21 and struck out 62. Mederos was a sixth round draft pick by the Angels in the 2022 MLB Draft.