• Custom Reporting allows users to gather in-depth data visualizations from multiple sources, all in one report.
  • The tool provides numerous options for report customization, including pitch distribution, plate discipline, and batted ball tendencies.
  • Users can create tailored heatmaps to analyze pitch usage, location, and effectiveness, helping to identify areas where a pitcher excels or struggles.


  • The Player Percentile Rankings tables in Pitch Highlighter provide a comprehensive view of a pitcher’s performance com, including their strikeout rate, zone contact, and swing and miss rate.
  • Analyze pitcher’s performance metrics and play discipline tables to easily understand their command and pitch effectiveness.
  • Use the Pitch Highlighter tool in the 643 Synergy tile to view specific pitches and visually identify any patterns or tells in the pitcher’s delivery.


  • The Heatmaps tool in the 643 Synergy tile can be used to analyze the distribution of pitch types, providing insights into a pitcher’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Corresponding Synergy video playback allows users to better understand a pitcher’s actual delivery on different pitch types and pitch locations.


  • Weighted Heatmaps provide a broad view of where pitches play well or poorly. It’s beneficial to analyze this data pitch-by-pitch.
  • Using the Matchup Filter can reveal how a pitcher’s tendencies align with a certain hitter’s strengths and weaknesses, guiding strategic in-game decisions.

  • The Pitch Sequencing tool in 643 Synergy allows users to analyze an opposing pitcher’s preferred pitches in various scenarios.
  • The platform displays a pitcher’s preferred pitch in different counts, providing insights into their comfort pitch and how they diversify their pitch mix.
  • Users can also examine specific two-pitch sequences and their effectiveness, aiding self-scouting efforts and enabling more informed decision-making during games.

  • In the Pitch Highlighter tool in TrackMan SYNC, TrackMan data provides objective metrics on pitch characteristics, offering insights into why certain pitches perform well or poorly.
  • Open Synergy video and pair it with TrackMan data for a comprehensive view of a pitcher’s arsenal, including velocity, spin, and break profiles.

  • Review movement profiles and release points to assess the deception and efficiency of a pitcher’s arsenal.
  • Player Development: Analyze variations in pitch types over seasons to identify adjustments or developments in a pitcher’s approach.

  • Utilize advanced metrics Stuff+, Command+, and xRV+ to evaluate overall pitch quality and effectiveness.
  • Analyze trends over time to assess the impact of changes in pitch mechanics or strategy on performance outcomes.

Preparing For Opposing Lineups/Hitters With 6-4-3 Charts – ⚾️ Edition