Have access to the NCAA transfer portal, but want more information about the players you’re seeing in it?

643 Charts has your back.

Here’s how you can best use 643 Chart’s new custom rostering tool to get the most out of our platform & analyze data for players you see in the transfer portal.

Step 1: Navigate to Custom Rosters

Log into the 643 Charts Interface as you normally do. Navigate to the 643 Charts ‘Tools/Tutorials’ Tile. Click ‘Custom Rosters’ from the selection on the far left of the screen.


Step 2: Create Your First Custom Roster

Find the box in the bottom, left-hand side of the screen. Here you will type in the name of your custom roster. You can call your custom roster whatever you choose, as long as it is 10+ characters. For example, you could create a custom roster for ‘Available Pitchers’ and a custom roster for ‘Available Hitters.’ Once you type the name of your custom roster, simply click ‘Create Roster.’ You can always go back later and create new custom rosters as you need.

Step 3: Search for Players

Now that your roster has been created, you can search for players to add to it. Scroll down to the ‘Roster Management’ section of the screen. Here you will see a bar with 3 options: 643, Synergy, and Trackman (for baseball) or 2 options: 643 and Synergy (for softball) Toggling between these systems allows you a variety of ways to search for a player. Most NCAA players will easily be found using the default  ‘643‘ toggle. Once you’ve identified a player from the transfer portal that you’d like to add to your custom roster to analyze, begin typing their name into the search bar.

Step 4: View Players in Roster Management

As you are searching for players, you will see their first and last name, as well as most recent team association. Simply click the player’s name to pull up their name plate. Here you will see available Bats/Throws information, as well as information for each season that 643 has data for: Year, Class, Jersey Number, Position. At the bottom of the name plate there are markers for ‘Data Linkages.’ These show all of the data sources in which the given player has data that is linked to their profile.

Step 5: Add Players to Custom Roster

Now that you know how to use the roster management, you can easily add players to your custom roster. As you are looking at their name plate, simply click the button in the upper right corner. Then select the roster to add this player to from the drop down selection of previously created rosters. Lastly, click ‘Confirm Add’. In the bottom right-hand side of the screen, you will see a confirmation of this player being added to your custom roster. If you happen to search the same player more than once and add them to a custom roster, you will be able to see which rosters they are already assigned to under the ‘Select a Roster’ dropdown.

Step 6: View Data for Players on Custom Roster

Once players are added to your custom roster, scroll back up to the ‘View My Rosters’ section of the screen. Here you can toggle between the rosters that you have created to view the players on each roster. Under the players names, there are icons for 643, TrackMan, and Synergy. Clicking the icon under a particular player will send you directly to that player’s data in the icon’s platform. For example, if you click the Synergy Icon under Jac Caglianone, a tab will open showing the Synergy Pitch Highlighter data for Jac Caglianone.

Step 7: Utilize Custom Roster Across 643 Tiles

You can also utilize your custom roster when you are already in a 643 tile. We previously navigated to Jac Caglianone’s Synergy data in Pitch Highlighter. If you want to view data for another player on your custom roster in Pitch Highlighter, select the player’s name from the name drop-down. The data displayed on the screen updates dynamically according to this player selection.

Step 8: Dive into the Data

Creating a custom roster is like building a ‘new team’ in the 643 interface. When in the 643 Web Application, you can easily search for your custom roster just as you search for any team normally. For example, in interactive stats, search for your custom roster name under the ‘team’ dropdown. The interactive stats table will dynamically update to represent the data for the players on your custom roster. Here you can easily compare players’ stats across all of the statistical groups & split types that you’re accustomed to in the 643 platform.

Note: The players used in this example are chosen for demonstrative purposes only and do not reflect players who are actively in the transfer portal

Other Use Cases:

Not interested in transfer portal player evaluation? No worries! Custom rosters have a variety of other use cases.

  • Video & Stat Comparisons
  • Team Self-Scouting
  • Conference & Division Comparisons
  • Position-Specific Scouting
  • Award Selections
  • and so much more!

Features Using Custom Rosters:

Custom Rosters can currently be utilized in the following features:

Web Application:

  • Interactive Stats
  • More to come!

Synergy Tile:

  • Pitch Highlighter
  • Zone Illustrations
  • All Sprays
  • Pitch Sequencing
  • Heatmaps
  • Catcher Framing
  • Reporting

TrackMan SYNC Tile:

  • Pitch Highlighter
  • Pitcher Arsenal
  • Zone Illustrations
  • All Sprays
  • Pitch Sequencing
  • Heatmaps
  • Catcher Framing
  • Reporting