6-4-3 Charts LLC is proud to welcome Luke Smailes to the team as a Software Developer. Luke will be responsible for full-stack development and continued innovation of the 6-4-3 platform of analytics tools. He will be immediately contributing via enhancements to our web application framework, sabermetric research and user-upload data visualization suite.

Luke holds a B.A. in Economics from Coe College where he played baseball for four seasons. Luke co-founded Kohawk Baseball Analytics, Coe College’s baseball analytics program and has also served as a Data Analyst for Pitcher List and a Contributor for SB Nation.

“We are thrilled to welcome Luke to our team” said 6-4-3 Charts Co-Founder and CEO Derek Weldon. “As we continue to grow our offerings to support NCAA Baseball and Softball programs, as well as professional baseball, we’ve understood it is critical for us to expand our team. Luke brings a unique perspective and skill set that’s going to allow us to continue to enhance the tools we offer for scouting and player development purposes at all levels.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to join the 6-4-3 Charts team” said Luke Smailes. “Contributing to what Derek, Tim and Rick have built as the top data solutions platform for baseball and softball teams alike is a tremendous opportunity. The ability to make data-driven decisions for programs as seamless, yet advanced as possible is truly the unique opportunity present with 6-4-3.”

About 6-4-3 Charts

6-4-3 Charts currently serves NCAA Baseball and Softball programs by providing the most accurate and insightful data for opponent scouting and player development purposes. The team at 6-4-3 Charts prides itself on understanding the importance of being able to provide actionable data accompanied by informative visualizations. Their versatile services are both concise enough for coaches that prefer a quick look into specific tendencies and comprehensive enough to be valuable for programs with a dedicated analytics staff.

Founded in 2017, 6-4-3 Charts has continuously expanded the markets it serves and increased the breadth of its offerings to become the market leader in visualizing and reporting on baseball and softball data. The current suite of 6-4-3 Charts applications includes on-demand scouting reports with customizable chart design options, an interactive Web Application with a multitude of features, a pitch tracking and visualization application, and the new 643 SYNC user-upload visualization applications, in addition to their innovative spray charts and standard scouting reports.