6-4-3 Charts and Prep Baseball Report are excited to announce a new partnership that will change the way coaches and scouts evaluate college players.

Prep Baseball Report will supply its player data to 6-4-3’s existing database of college data, creating a more complete picture of a player’s career arc through statistics and video. The data will be available as part of select 6-4-3 subscription packages, and as a 6-4-3 subscription add-on. 

“We are so excited to announce our partnership with PBR,” said Derek Weldon, 6-4-3 Charts CEO and co-founder. “Our mission is to deliver the most comprehensive suite of tools and applications for coaches to seamlessly interact with, report on, and visualize data. PBR is the industry standard in amateur baseball. This partnership allows our users to interact with even more data, and for the first time ever, amateur data. Coaches will love the way they will be able to seamlessly move between data sources with reporting and visualization tools to better evaluate players, especially those in the Transfer Portal.”

6-4-3 Charts brings leading edge technology to the analysis of college baseball and softball, providing tools for coaches and scouts to evaluate data and video. More than 600 college baseball and softball programs use 643, as well as numerous other college programs, media outlets and professional organizations.

Prep Baseball Report conducts hundreds of showcases and tournaments each year, and generates reports and video on thousands of players, with a focus on high performance high school players. PBR has scouts on the ground from coast to coast, with more than 150 people evaluating players wherever baseball is being played.

Now 6-4-3 Charts and PBR will join forces to create a new level of player analysis. The two companies will marry their player data to provide the most complete picture of a college player’s path. 

“6-4-3 is the gold-standard solution for data mapping, and given we have the most amateur baseball data than in the country, this partnership is a perfect fit,” Prep Baseball Report President Sean Duncan said. “I believe this tool will make college coaches’ lives infinitely easier by triangulating college and high school data from the thousands of names in the transfer portal.” 

Users at 6-4-3 Charts will have access to an exclusive PBR tile on their interface, which will be devoted to reporting and visualizing PBR data. Users will be able to interact with PBR data in completely new ways, and the data will also be part of the 6-4-3 Charts Custom Rostering tool, giving coaches another way to compare players on their custom roster.

The merged data will allow for a more complete picture of college players, no matter how much they have been on the field. For those who have played a lot, the addition of PBR data will help track how a player’s performance has evolved over time. For players with little time on the field, the PBR data will give coaches a more complete picture of the player than what college data might show. This partnership is a win for coaches & players alike, offering the only data solution of its kind.

For more information about 6-4-3 data and subscriptions, visit 643charts.com. For more information about Prep Baseball Report, as well as the events and subscriptions it offers, visit prepbaseballreport.com.